Searching for Good Pistol Lights?

Searching for Good Pistol Lights?


When it comes to finding a quality pistol light, there are a number of things to take into consideration. Some folks seem to think that the best way to judge a good pistol light is by noting the price of the item. But, as in the case of most products for sale, the best quality and functionality is not always tied to the cost of an item.

I’m sure that everyone reading this has run into at least one instance in which they were surprised by the quality of an item that was obtained at a relatively low price. So it is with pistol lights. Here are various qualities and features that can be considered when looking for a pistol light that meet the criteria of what you may be searching for.

Lighting Properties And Intensity:

For lighting property versatility, you may wish to go with a dual-spectrum handgun light that can also provide a Class 1 infrared-laser sight that is meant to be employed with various night-vision devices. Some of the more advanced models will also have the ability to mount onto long guns with the proper rails.

Here, the dual lighting will provide both an infrared LED as well as white light incandescence. This is the type of lighting that is most favored by those who engage in nighttime, as well as daytime hunting or target practice and require a light that can accommodate both, without having to switch from one lighting device to another.

With the white light mode, you will want to have at least an acceptable amount of light that is projected. My suggestion is a minimum white light output of 200 lumens or more and I recommend testing the light in a darkened area before purchase. You’ll also find 600 lumen models that can run within the same price range.

However, it’s the LED that you should be the most concerned about. There are a lot of selections when it comes to the intensity of the LED and you’ll find that the strongest LED light output will definitely be reflected in the price of the unit.

Besides the type and quality of the light, there are other qualities of pistol lights that you will want to be on the lookout for. For example, you may want to purchase a pistol light that has both “constant-on” and “momentary on” capabilities. This way, you won’t find yourself illuminating your entire surroundings before and after you wish to take a shot. You can also choose a unit with a strobe light effect.

Other Features To Look For:

Another important consideration has to do with the way that the pistol light attaches to your handgun. You’ll want a light that quickly and easily attaches to your model handgun without having to go through a number of machinations that can be frustrating to deal with. You’ll also want to make sure that the light attaches securely and isn’t prone to any sort of movement during use. This way, you won’t have to be concerned with any lighting distortion that will throw off your aim.

If you follow these pointers, then you will have good criteria for choosing a good mounted pistol lights.


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