best pack n play Playard

What to consider when buying the best baby play yard

Baby play yards. 

A baby play yard provides a safe area for your child to sleep or Play in, whether you are traveling or at home. The best play yards are easy to fold, sturdy, versatile and will serve you for years. 

Why you need the Best play yards?

-The best play yards are space savers.

Instead of buying them separately, some come with their bassinets and changing table. It is efficient when playing or moving it from room to room. It is the best when you have a newborn baby. You can quickly move the little one to a different room for daytime naps, and move the play yard next to your bed at night. 

-Ideal for traveling. 

A good play yard will provide a familiar sleeping spot for you baby at a hotel or when visiting grandma. It also creates a safe zone when you are at the beach or when you visit places that aren’t child proof. 


It will come a time when your baby outgrows the bassinet. You can lift it up to create more room. The baby can still sleep in the play yard on the bottom mattress. If the mattress is too thin for the baby, you can move its primary sleeping area to a more comfortable spot. Like a crib. As your child learns to crawl, a play yard can keep it safe when you are busy. 

What should you consider when buying a play yard?

1. Removable changer and bassinet:

Find a baby play yard that comes with a changer and a bassinet. They come in handy when you are traveling. If you have twins, buy a play yard that has a double bassinet feature. 

Consider other extra features like a mobile, a night light, vibrating movement, music and nature sounds. These features ensure that you are baby stays busy. Also, go for one that has a canopy to keep your child safe. 

2. Wheels:

It is most likely that you would want to move your child from room to room in its play yard. Consider getting one with lockable will ensure that it doesn’t roll freely especially when you are not there. 

3. The Folding mechanism. 

Go through other user reviews about how the play yard closes. Many stores do not allow you to test out this feature. 

4. Storage. 

Consider the room of the play yard regarding its pockets, shelves or bags. The best play yard gives you space to tuck in diapers, blankets, baby wipes, baby oils and extra clothes. Check also whether it comes with a carrying bag for when you on trips with your play yard. 

5. Seal:

Before buying a play yard, make sure it bears the (JPMA) juvenile products manufacturing Association) seal on the product. It guarantees that the yard was tested for safety and quality. Check also the manufacturing date and go for the one with recent a date.

6. Sturdiness: 

Whether you are using a new or a second-hand play yard, ensure that it has high side rails and all parts are in optimal conditions. One a million play yard were recently recalled because of being defective. Make sure the model you are getting isn’t one of them. 


Avoid unstable play yard and always ensure that you lock its wheels before putting your baby in the yard. Make sure you use it as per the manufacturer’s instructions regarding age limits or recommended weight of the baby.

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