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May 21, 2007 was probably one of the most beautiful days for fans of real-time strategy games. On this day, Blizzard announced the successor to one of the most successful and still playing titles. Starcraft 2. The first part has now over ten years on the hump, but still enjoys a huge fan base. The balancing and the feeling of play are considered unrivaled and exemplary for the following titles of the last years.
Starcraft 2 - Battle Report video

This year it will be so far and "Starcraft 2" is the critical eye of the fans. Blizzard has not announced an exact date for release, but there is a lot of news to be expected.
Starcraft 2 will be the first game of a trilogy in the Starcraft universe. Originally a "single" game, as announced at BlizzCon 2008, the first part will appear under the title "Wings of Liberty". This will be followed by two extensions called "Heart of the Swarm" and "Legacy of the Void". If the original game still campaigns up to eleven missions for each race, the new games will only offer one breed each. These however with up to 30 missions.
The first campaign is devoted to the Terranians - afterwards it continues with Zerg and Protoss. However, the other breeds are not excluded. In Skirmish and Multiplayer mode you can play them anyway.
After many discussions with fans around this kind of release, Blizzard promised that the upcoming extensions would feel like completely new games.
We are definitely looking forward to it. Who would like to know how the title feels in the direct game, should be the Battle Report Zerg vs.. Terraner not to be missed.

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