Marketing Blogs That Accept Guest Posts

What is guest blogging? How they help you to rank well in the search engines

Guest blogging is a way to post your content on other websites (if they allow you). This process takes time, but the benefits of guest posting is very positive. Search engine always like "dofollow" links, which come from different "IP" and websites. If you post your content on the high domain authority website, then you will get lots of things:

  • Traffic
  • Backlinks
  • Increase online reputation

Guest Blogging Sites


You can also improve search engine ranking by doing a guest post on various websites. Moreover, these websites are easily available on the interest. Just search and find thousands of websites.

Here is the procedure to approach a blogger:

  1. Find a relevant website (relevant to your niche)
  2. Personally mail him/her and ask to post your content on his/her website
  3. Send unique content with pictures (created my you)
  4. They will take 1-2 days to post your content. And after that you will get a link from her/his website.