Mini Militia Wall Hack

Float around the games like the phantom. No more bounds for you. No obstacles can stop you from moving around the games. Fly through the walls block heads and anything that stands before you. You might have seen this before while playing online. No one can shoot you when you are inside the walls. Installing this Mod also gives you the unlimited jetpack and unlimited ammo and grenades. So you don’t have to worry about anything in the game. Just float and blast your friends. 

How to get mini militia pro pack without root :-

 Features of Wall Hack

1. You can move and shoot through the walls.
2. Forget about reloading your gun
3. Unlimited ammo
4. Unlimited bombs
5. Float in the mid-air like Ghost
6. Find who is hiding behind the bushes
7. Fire two bullets at a time.

Download Link:

How to install

1. Uninstall previous application you have on your phone.
2. Download the wall hack Mod from the above link.
3. Give the app necessary permissions.
4. Enjoy the game.