Will MEGABOX HD work on my Mac?

Yes! It requires a few extra steps, but the process is almost identical to setting up other similar android apps to run on a Mac or PC. Essentially, you will first need to install virtualization software that will allow you to run a virtual Android operating system. From there, You will just proceed with the normal Android install process.

1.) Download the latest version of Genymotion w/ Virtualbox.

2.) Once installed, You will need to open Genymotion and click on Add to create a new virtual smart phone device to emulate.

Add new device in gennymotion software


3.) Once you click on add, you will have to sign in (using the account you created in step 1) and choose a device to emulate.

Select android device and os version to emulate

4.) After you click on the “Next” button, it will begin to download and install your chosen Android operating system.

Install Android OS Galaxy Nexus 7


5.) When the download is complete, You will be taken back to the home screen of the Genymotion software. Click on start to launch the Android emulator.

Run Android OS from Genymotion

If the Android emulator fails to start or Virtualbox gives you the following error:

VT-x is disabled in the BIOS for both all CPU modes (VERR_VMX_MSR_ALL_VMX_DISABLED).

You will need to reboot your computer and enable VT-x in your BIOS.

Press F10 during bootup to enter BIOS.
Browse to Security -> System Security.
Enable Virtualization Technology & Virtualization Technology Directed options.
Save settings and reboot.

6.) You should now see your Android OS environment! From here on out, the install process will be the exact same as the install steps detailed at the beginning of this guide.

Enable Unknown sources
Download the Megabox APK file
Install & Enjoy!