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On 25th September 2018, McAfee which is one the device-to-cloud cyber security organization published its McAfee Labs Threats Report of September 2018, considering the increase and trends of latest viruses and threats in Q2 2018 at In the half quarter, McAfee Labs detected the surge in cryptomining virus spread that started in Q4 2017 proceed during the first half of 2018. McAfee also observed the extended arrangement of the sort of virus vulnerability deeds applied in the WannaCry and NotPetya outbreaks of 2017.

Although few general than Ransom ware, crypto mining viruses has fast developed as a part on the threat view. After arising about 400,000 in the fourth quarter of 2017, increased crypto mining malware samples increased a remarkable 629% to more than 2.9 million samples in Q1 2018. This bias remained in Q2 as total samples increased by 86% with more than 2.5 million unique samples. McAfee Labs has even recognized what resembles to be the older virus like Ransomware recently retooled with mining capacities, read more at

In some situations, crypto mining attacks on particular groups rather than a large area of latent victims. Once crypto mining malware has focused gamers on a Russian forum by acting as a mod pretending to improve famous games. Gamers were fooled into downloading the wicked applications, which continued to apply their device resources for advantage. While crypto mining viruses essentially target computers, other devices have become victims. For example, Android Smartphone in China and Korea has been used by the ADB. Miner malware into manufacturing Monero crypto currency for it’s dangerous.

Christiaan Beek, Lead Scientist and Senior Principal Engineer with McAfee Advanced Threat Research said that, "A few years ago, we wouldn’t think of internet routers, video-recording devices, and other Internet of Things devices as platforms for crypto mining because their CPU speeds were too insufficient to support such productivity, Today, the tremendous volume of such devices online and their propensity for weak passwords present a very attractive platform for this activity. If I were a cybercriminal who owns a botnet of 100,000 such IoT devices, it would cost me next to nothing financially to produce enough crypto currency to create a new, profitable revenue stream.”

Latest Detected McAfee Viruses and Threats

In Q2 2018, McAfee Labs recognized 5 new viruses including new threats conferring unusual technical improvements that grow upon the newest successful technologies and tactics to defeat their targets’ resistance.

  1. Ransomware: The complete amount of Ransomware remains to rise, growing 57% over the earlier 4 quarters. Although the introduction of the latest Ransomware families has decreased overall in new quarters, McAfee also examined discovered Ransomware families produce new alternatives. For example, McAfee detected many new alternatives of the Scarab Ransomware family rise in the Q2 only.
  2. Mobile Malware: Latest mobile malware samples grew 27% in Q2; this is the next consecutive quarter of increase. McAfee clients in South America proclaimed the tremendous speed of virus, at 14%. Total mobile malware increased by 42% in the prior 4 quarters.
  3. JavaScript Malware: A 204% rise in latest samples recommends that attacker seem to have moved to a modern age of JavaScript malware. After reducing significantly over the past 3 quarters, JavaScript malware considered for more than 7 million unique samples, a report high, and up from about 2 million in Q1.
  4. LNK malware: While PowerShell has been working among file-less malware developers in new past quarters, new samples decreased to 15% growth. But recently LNK malware remains to rise, as cybercriminals are frequently using .lnk alternatives to privately give wicked PowerShell scripts and other viruses.
  5. Spam Botnets: The Gamut spam botnet outpaced all others in Q2. Most prominently, it drove high amounts of “Canada Revenue Agency” phishing scams. Important modern campaigns were associated with bogus profession appears that is usually used as a “money mule” recruitment tactic.

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