How Can We Use McAfee Shredder to Destroy Files or Folders Forever?

Around per hour numbers of devices like computers, Smartphone, Tablets, or laptop a being stolen and with that your sensitive information and other private data also get into the hands of the attackers or hacker or any other person who can abuse it. In the situation, your device is already hacked by hackers then you need to have antivirus software in your device.

There are numerous security applications available in the market but we recommended McAfee Antivirus due to its best characteristics and support. You can very simply download setup, install and activate McAfee antivirus software online from

Sometime there are some files and folders that we no longer want to work and neither have we needed others to have used it. In that situation, often we manually remove the files/folders from drives, recycle bin and also from temporary files/folders. But do you have an idea that such files/folders are still recoverable?

Yes, they are recoverable and if you think to permanently remove the data from your device then the best method to do it is to apply McAfee Shredder. McAfee Shredder acts like a paper shredder which we generally use the paper shredder to simply delete any document. Same as it, we can use McAfee shredder for deleting device files/folders. This tool is to defend your secrecy by destroying the unwanted files/folders carefully. Such data can never be retrieved. If your device gets robbed or you sell it, you do not have to worry because no one will be able to see the details that you destroy.

Now the problem is that how can we use McAfee Shredder to destroy Files or Folders forever?

  • Open your McAfee Antivirus dashboard by clicking twice on its icon in the device tray or by choosing the software from the Start menu.
  • Click on the Tool menu from the left side of the security dashboard
  • And then click on the Shredder option from there
  • Now you have to pick how much files/folders you need to delete, prefer either “Erase files and folder” or “Erase an entire disk”.
  • It will also ask you that how many times you need to process the file for deleting like
    • Quick to delete the file once,
    • Comprehensive to destroy files 7 times and
    • Custom to shred files up to 10 times.
  • And then choose the files/folders you want to delete. You can delete any data like recycle bin data, temporary files or any other particular files.
  • Check twice before shredding the file/folders because you won’t be able to recover it. When you are prepared to start shredding, click on finish button.

Sometime you face some issues or problems in McAfee Shredder working procedure and you need some help. In fact, if you have any other problem related to McAfee Shredder or any other point of McAfee Antivirus then dial McAfee Technical support for quick support.

McAfee Support team is available at to support users for each and every issue related to McAfee Antivirus software. So it is easy to get their support and use McAfee Shredder to destroy the sensitive data.

McAfee Support is a trusty name in online antivirus technical support service providers. They offer online services for resolving problems associated with Desktops, Laptops, Computer, and Smartphone etc. of all the significant brands to individual users, small businesses, or large-scale industries. McAfee services are available at every place in the world, so visit and get it.


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