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All about SyVid:

SyVid is a cloud based app where you can upload a video which is then automatically uploaded and published on 10 different video-sharing sites along side the unique titles, descriptions and your search phrases. Additionally, it lets you share the link of the videos to 15 different societal networking sites for you instant traffic.

SyVid a super easy to use cloud based app that everyone may utilize and finally start putting those videos that were wonderful they've generated. It syndicates and programs multiple video upload efforts.

Three simple steps:

Step 1: Choose an video to upload to SyVid, your video will be dispersed across 9 key sharing internet sites.

Step2: As soon as the video is uploaded on all web sites, your connection is automatically shared by SyVid across some significant media internet sites that are social.

STEP 3: Since your video selections up more viewpoints, Google ranks it high within their search results as well as in hours you are going to be collecting an increasing number of views.

The whole process of all SyVid:

# SyVid uploads and syncs your video to 9 high-definition video sites.

# SyVid stocks video across media marketing for traffic and backlinks.

# Social networking backlinks boost Google rankings.

# Higher Google rankings bring free traffic and views.

# video-sharing web site puts your popular video high into their listings.

Nothing may be greater

# Immediate exposure on 9 key sharing websites.

# 11 traffic packed social networking stations.

# Campaign Based Organization.

# Unique title, keywords & descriptions.

# one click connects.

# SEO rank score.

# Connect multiple accounts.

# Upload.

# Cloud based program.

# Established & ever-green product.

SyVid is your best?

Unlike most other programs, SyVid syndicates into 9 major video-sharing platforms, and allows you to simultaneously share your video across 11 major social media channels, all with one click. Additionally, it features an search engine optimization ranker tool which shows you how to tweak your video and twist names, descriptions and keywords to produce each submission unique from the past, and averting duplicate content penalties.

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9 Good Reasons Why SyVID May Be the Most Powerful Video Promotion Tool You'll Ever Want...

REASON 1: One-Click Connect

Our one click Connect technology immediately connects all of your video sharing media accounts simply by clicking on the icon and securely entering your own credentials.

REASON 2: Join Multiple Accounts

Have multiple accounts in YouTube or Twitter? You can now automatically post videos to all of your accounts within a single site, across 9 sharing sites and 1-1 social networking sites. The possibilities are endless!

Easily organize your syncing attempts. Keep track of entire campaigns and users, videos, which means you can advance with stress, and also know what's happening at a glance.

REASON 4: Title, Descriptions & Keyword Spinner

No problem. SyVID can twist the title, descriptions and key words round each video sharing internet site of your video, in order to prevent issues. This is a great way to test multiple names, and see which one have the maximum views, clicks and sales!

REASON 5: SEO Rank Score

SyVID creates a unique search engine optimisation Rank Score for each name, keyword and description once you're uploading the video exactly what's required to secure much better video rankings on all of the video and reach Google page no1 too.

REASON 6: Easy Scheduling

Schedule videos to upload on a time and date, and even schedule SyVID to talk at time and a certain date too. Perfect for publishing videos as soon as your target audience are waking up, or relaxing at home, or simply letting SyVid take care of everything while you're away from the desk, having fun.

REASON 7: 100 percent Whitehat and Approved

SyVID is a 100 video supply app that will not violate any TOS, so making sure your accounts are fully harmless.

REASON 8 Cloud Based

There's not anything. Log in with a SyVID account and start publishing and sharing videos in minutes.

REASON 9: Established & Ever-green Product

With over 100s testers and 3 months in research and develoment, SyVID will be conflict--tested traffic becoming tool you can rely on.
Get Video Perspectives

The FAST & EASY way!

Wasting hours publishing a single video to multiple video-sharing websites, and spending another hour posting the URL to your networking accounts.

Now you can syndicate and share countless videos together with all of your accounts in only seconds!

No tedious guest posting

No boring blogging

No more money draining advertisements

No recruitment affiliates

No longer slaving over Search Engine Optimisation

No more begging for backlinks

No more networking

Just hit the button to upload your audio...

... your video is dispersed throughout the web in seconds...

... giving you instant exposure on 9 major video-sharing sites...

... and 1 1 traffic packaged societal media stations...

... bringing you a stream of perpetual free traffic!

And that is just ONE video.

As a result of SyVID's lightning fast syndication technology you can...
Upload, Share & Syndicate
Hundreds of Videos Per Hour...Day... Or Week!

Can you imagine the kind and maybe 20 videos uploaded to Vzaar, Wordpress, Tumblr, Vimeo, Dailymotion, Youtube, Facebook and Blogger? How about 100 or 50, 70 videos?

We're talking about tens of thousands of free visitors... all watching your videos, so then booting to your landing pages also offers... building your list... clicking on your affiliate links... buying your products. KAA--CHING!
If Your Videos Are Not Getting Perspectives...
It's NOT Your Fault!

This is why your videos really are bombing...

300 hrs of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute -- THAT'S why!

Think about this -- the minute that you upload your video to YouTube, it gets BURIED under a huge selection of fresh new videos from other people!
The Only Path To Get
Your Videos Found Is With SHEER BRUTE FORCE!

Its' authentic... if you want your videos to get TONS of views, traffic and earnings, whatever you need todo is going PUBLISH your competitors.

That is why we created SyVID...

... now you can instantly sync your videos along with multiple video-sharing websites and societal media stations...

... immediately outside publishing your competitors...

... and forcing your videos right into people's thoughts!
You Can Forget by Hand Uploading & Sharing Your Videos Into Multiple Sites!

SyVID's only--click tech shares and syncs your videos at the push of a button, saving you hours of endless and hassle screen gazing.

Today you can sync dozens of videos per day... in a few quick clicks!

SyVID allows one to join multiple video stations and societal accounts, for easy, pushbutton printing you desire traffic.
Wave Goodbye To Duplicate
Video Posts!

SyVID automatically spins your own name, keywords and descriptions across all of the video-sharing sites...

It's also perfect for testing different titles and descriptions to find which gets the very best viewpoints!
Squeeze More Free Traffic
You Upload!

Together with SyVIDs' built-in search engine optimisation ranker, you are going to see precisely the thing you will need to tweak to receive your video rocketing up the hunt results, and raking in thousands of extra views each week, year and month.