What You Can Do To Control Mosquitoes ?

The most immediate reduction in your adult mosquito population will be accomplished by purchasing the Mega-Catch Ultra.

It kills other biting insects such as flies and midges as well when using the fine mesh or liquid trap. Place it around 30-40 feet from where you congregate outdoors between you and the mosquito habitat (bush, water, trees). Place the unit upwind of the mosquitoes, between you and them if possible. It continues to reduce mosquitoes over time, because a dead mosquito does not lay eggs.

For a comprehensive mosquito fighting strategy, you should also:

1. Eliminate mosquito growing places. All experts agree that mosquitoes must have standing water to grow. Most eggs are laid in water and develop there. Consequently, get rid of anything in your area that can contain even a small amount of standing water, such as tires, pails, unused flower pots. Clean clogged gutters. Change the water in the bird bath often. Patch holes in trees that capture water.

2. If you are near a wetland, or have standing or still water, use a larvacide containing Bti. It should be available at your local hardware store in briquette form, often shaped like a doughnut. You just toss them in the water.

If you have an area covering many acres, consider placing several of our devices near areas where people congregate. Each unit will cover about one acre. Many golf courses use this technique.

In severe cases, you may want to also use an insecticide, sprayed by plane or truck for large areas, or by handheld sprayer if smaller. You can check your local health department or mosquito control district or some of the links under Mosquito Info for product suggestions for your area. There are even fish that eat mosquito larvae.

3. Use mosquito repellents on your skin in infested areas. Don't take chances, particularly with children and older folks. Look for a lotion or spray for the skin that contains DEET, such as Off! or Cutters in concentrations of up to 34% for adults, 20% or less for children. Higher percentages increase your chance of an adverse reaction. Most of the other lotions such as Skin So Soft are marginally effective if at all. Remember that all wash off in water and diminish over time, so follow the directions for use and reapplication.

You can also find effective sprays for your clothing containing permethrin, which is used by the US military to spray on uniforms. Do not use on your skin or inhale. Clothing only.

4. Protect your animals and pets with medication. Heartworm in dogs is caused by mosquitoes. It is a very serious disease which can be fatal to dogs if left untreated. Once a problem only in coastal areas, dog heartworm is now found in every state in the United States. Remember that some diseases can be passed from an animal to a human. Heartworm pills are available from your veterinarian that will protect your dog.

5. Citronella candles will repel mosquitoes very close to them (only a few feet) and only in still conditions. Mosquitoes come in low, so place the candle as near to you as possible, close to or on the ground.

6. Install magnetic screen door curtains, to protect your home from mosquitos and other insects. For More info visit website https://magneticscreendoor.org .

What Doesn't Work

1. Birds and bats. Installing houses for certain birds or bats will not significantly affect your mosquito population. They don't make up a high percentage of their diet.

2. Electronic bug zappers. These annoying devices mainly kill moths, beetles and other beneficial insects, but very few mosquitoes.

3. Lotions that do not contain DEET. If they work at all, it will be for perhaps 20 minutes.

4. Electronic devices that claim to emit ultrasonic sound to repel mosquitoes. They don't work.

5. The citrosa plant contains citronella, but not enough to have any effect. Mosquitoes land on it.