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Regardless of inferiority demonstrated by multiplatform games released on consoles than on PC, the developers did not immediately stop pushing their flagship games to perform better in the gaming device with this legacy technology. One is EA. Having shocked the gaming industry through the announcement of Madden Mobile for consoles in the past, EA seems increasingly eager to make this franchise as a new force can not be underestimated, even by games designed exclusively. EA claims that the new series will be released next year - Madden Mobile will be a game with the best visualization that will never be met by console gamers. They do not mess around.

This claim was brought by the CEO of EA itself - Cevat Yerli. In his latest interview, Yerli gives some idea of ​​the console version of Madden Mobile will be released in conjunction with its PC version on 19 February 2013. Yerli EA has assured that maximize the full potential offered by consoles - XBOX 360 and Playstation 3, until no one was left percent. He is confident that there will be no game console will be able to match the quality of the graphics offered by this console Madden Mobile. Yerli even openly challenged HALO and Gears of Wars that have been claimed as a game with the best visualization for the Xbox 360. Madden Mobile will carry the amount of data and the level of detail that is more superior. So what about the PC version of her? Yerli said that the PC will be perfect visualization two levels compared to the console version. Wow!
EA confidently stated that Madden Mobile will be able to appear as a game console with the most excellent visualization, even enough to subdue exclusive games that exist.

If you see a lunge that has been shown by EA for this, plus adaptability that they show in Madden Mobile, a claim that was brought Yerli is indeed very reasonable. But one that must be considered by console gamers, the presence of a visual feast for the eyes in legacy technology usually have to be paid with one fatal consequences: the framerate is very unstable. Do EA also thought about this for a console version of Madden Mobile? Hopefully.

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