Madden NFL 18: Tuning In Detail

Football is and will remain king in Germany. If you are in Dortmund, Hamburg or Frankfurt on a Saturday in the city center, you will be greeted by colorful jerseys and subtle to impressive flags of all aggregate conditions. In comparison, football in Germany, though on the advance, is still a randerscheinung. The Superbowl Sunday has already found its way into our living rooms, but the regular season still draws the attention of the masses.

In the last few years, virtual football did not have to hide. Each year Madden NFL's sales figures are growing in Germany and the simulation of muricas Sport No.1 round and complete.

Madden NFL 18: Tuning in detail

Constantly increasing quality is desirable in a video game series but by no means self-evident. After the almost perfect PES 6, Pro Evolution Soccer had to go through a phase of self-determination before it was able to stabilize again at a high level, and FIFA also has a lot of effort to turn small screws into the gameplay without opening large construction sites elsewhere.

Madden NFL 18 does not give up on this year's transition to the Frostbite Engine no nonsense. Visually, you can have a half-shake and the physically correct collisions of the players are beyond doubt. The playful scaffolding of the predecessor was preserved and the already very round wheel was not reinvented. The Jukes, introduced last year, have been somewhat reduced in their efficiency but still feel smoother. For this, the KI-Defense was strengthened and adapted the game style of the offense faster, so you can not score more easily with the same peasant tricks. Beginners should listen to the coaches' suggestions when they announce their moves, before embarking on an adolescent as a bocky teenager, as well as their own moves, in order to be able to optimally serve the strengths of the respective team. Overall, Madden NFL 18 has found its center in the field and only has to operate Feintuning.

It's a Longshot

Away from the pitch, the NBA 2K and FIFA's trend has been followed, and Longshot has built a small, four to five-hour story mode. On the paper, the latter reads well. Mahershala Ali plays the father of our alter ego, the talented young quarterback Devin Wade and guest performances of stars like legend Dan Marino round off the cast. The "good" are sympathetically written, the "bad" pleasantly hateful. History itself is also engaging. Young man experiences fate, becomes part of a castingshow and wants to fulfill the dream to play in the NFL.

So far so good. However, while in The Journey, the story mode of FIFA, as well as the story, a good part of the time on the field spends, we are banished too much to the stage in Longshot and watch. Here choose between two dialog options, there is a quicktime event or a mini-example, and the highest of emotions is a 5 vs 5 play. While we were interested in the story, monotony soon appeared, since there is so little to play. It is clear that the story about Devin Wade is not yet completed and Madden NFL 19 probably will continue. But a bit more sports game and a little less Telltale we would have already wanted in Madden NFL 18.


Madden NFL 18 takes the very good previous product, filing a few edges more round, also varnishes the bottom and still hangs a scent to the rearview mirror. The result is a sports game in which we experience detailed improvements in the gameplay that make sense and function perfectly. However, casual players will not be able to discover much new things, and whoever could not do anything with Madden 17 will not be missed by this year's model. This may sound negative, but only to say that you are so close to the perfect footballsiel that simply no quantensprünge are to be expected.

The most striking innovation is the story in Longshot mode. This is great staged, surprisingly credited, waiting with sympathetic characters - and forgets a little the playful. At least a game over four quarters could have been already! Nevertheless, I would lie, I would argue that I am not interested in continuing the story around Devin's calf. By the way, gamers can buy madden 18 coins online to make a finely personalized Madden team.