speakers for 30$

speakers for 30$

Great spending speakers for $30. Simple introduce and accompanies 2 hybrids and 2 tweets and additionally the combine of woofers. The Yellow cone looks incredible, despite the fact that it is covered up in my entryway.

The tweeters sound incredible, however I trust the hybrid is giving them excessively. they are noisy. The make of the tweeter packaging is ghastly. the whole case has gone to pieces down in my dash and I can't discover most the pieces. (this was after one drive) If you do get these then safe yourself the inconvenience and paste or channel tape ALL the creases since they will fall apart effortlessly.

The woofers are normal and nothing to gloat about in spite of the fact that they are marginally superior to industrial facility speakers. The mid range is high on these speakers which influenced my ears to go numb on low volume until the point that I turned the center down to - 5 on my collector.

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