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Natural Washing Detergent - A Great Selection For Cleaning Clothes



Many natural cleaning products can be used for more than just the surfaces found in the home. They can be used for clothes too. Natural laundry detergent can be used to help with killing bacteria in clothes and keeping them fresh with the use of all natural ingredients. In many cases it can be used as an alternative to bleach.

Natural laundry detergent works in that it is made completely of natural ingredients. Many companies will use citric acid and water as the main ingredients. Citric acid, which is found naturally in fruits and vegetables, is noted for being a cleaning agent and as a water softener in many cases. These materials are commonly EPA approved too. The best way to keep clothing and other materials clean and fresh is using your favorite laundry detergent. Click here: for more information.

Another factor about this type of detergent is that it is one that contains no chlorine. Chlorine is commonly used in artificially made cleaners and can be harmful to clothes over a longer period of time. In many cases clothes can begin to lose colors over time.

Using this solution is very easy to do. All it needs is to be loaded into a clothes washer in a certain amount. For instance, a quarter cup is commonly used for handling ten pound loads of clothes. Front loading types of clothes washers will require less primarily because they do not fit as many clothes in one load on average.

A typical solution of natural laundry detergent will be highly effective towards millions of types of bacteria. This is valuable because when the detergent works properly it can take out most any type of stain or bacteria. The citric acid properties can help to naturally eliminate bacteria without adding any new types of bacteria that can be harmful. It also works well against bacteria that can be resistant to antibiotics, including salmonella and E.coli.

The agents used in these natural cleaning products do not create any free radicals or carcinogenic by-products either. This makes them safer and non-harmful to the home.

The best thing about these natural cleaning products is that they can be used as bleach replacements. Natural detergent is more effective and less dangerous to clothes than bleach. As a result it can be used to help with keeping colors looking their best and still with destroying dangerous bacteria that is commonly reserved for bleach.


Natural laundry detergent is one of the best types of natural cleaning products to use in the home. These detergent works with natural ingredients like citric acid and can be used on a variety of stains. It can be used instead of bleach in many cases and with greater efficiency at that, thus making it one of the best options to consider for cleaning clothes.

Many conventional detergents will advertise products that are natural or gentler on skin and fabrics, but the truth is that these detergents often are only dye and fragrance free. These "gentler" detergents still contain harsh chemicals and fluorescent brighteners that are left behind on clothing after every washing. The best way to be certain that your baby is avoiding these irritants is to use a 100% natural or organic laundry detergent. These products will use only natural ingredients and will be best formulated to keep your clothing soft, gentle, and chemical free. They use safe, non pollutant, and biodegradable ingredients that are plant derived often from fruits and herbs. These ingredients are gentle enough not to harm even the sensitive skin of an infant, yet still strong enough during washing that they will naturally remove dirt, stains, and odor from clothing and diapers.

With a price comparable to conventional laundry detergents and no additional hassle during your laundry routine, there is no reason to not make a healthy decision for yourself, your baby, and the environment by using all natural laundry detergent.