Ethereum Increases 9000% Percent


Ethereum  increases by 9000%.  This is true, for back in December 2015 Ethereum was selling for only $3.00.  Did you buy any?  Usually we don’t but wait to seeiif it would rise.  Now the price of ethereum is $270.20.  Yes that is more than 9000% gain.  The big question is, will it increase beyond $1000.00 sometime in 2018?  I am not waiting on the sideline.  I am already promoting ethereum.  You can earn a lot of ethereum with this new program.  Take a look yourself and act now!  Do not wait until everyone is rushing it.  I brought my first bitcoin at $600.00.  Currently that bitcoin is worth about $2400 and growing in value.  I am now also promoting this automated ethereum program.  Have a look and act!

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