Just a ordinary day!!

Hello everyone this is Reilly hale's and Alexis Morton's Website hope you like it!!! just join our club Nobody's perfect!!!
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This is the joining form if u have wordpad please highlight the form and copy it in wordpad and print it out once u fill it out give it to alexis if u in reilly's class give it to reilly only!!

Email(u dont have 2):___________________________________________________
What is your favorite color:_____________________________________
Security question:____________________________________________________
Security password:____________________________________________________
                   7 letters minuinum 18 letters max
                  at least 4 letters
_____ check if you want to get email with cool activities that are coming up on the website put an x if u dont!
Email advice coming soon!!! but website advice already here!!!
Offical signature:___________________________________________________________
Makers signature:   Reilly Hale , Alexis Morton
                             Advice on the website  
From: max dale:   Dear reilly,
                       i have this friend who loves this girl casey in mrs.diggetts class and he nows i like her even though im in the 5th grade and she is in the 4th grade what should i do?
Dear max,
   You should just tell casey that you like her before your friend tells her then you will have her first if she likes you!

From: Brittany Williams                Dear Alexis,
                                     Why do people call me a spoiled brat i dont mean to be a spoiled brat but people wont stop can you tell me something that can help me to tell them to stop!!!!
Dear Brittany,
Just tell them it not easy to be perfect all the time but sometimes you might be spoiled but i cant help it my mom loves the mall and buying things!!!!!!

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