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About Akshay Kumar 

Akshay Kumar was born on 9 September 1967 in Amritsar, India. He studied martial arts in Hong Kong. He suggested being a model. Because of his success as a model, he was offered films. Akshay neither had star guardians nor a backup parent to dispatch him. In spite of the fact that his initial couple of movies were unsuccessful in the cinema world, they helped Akshay get seen for his moving capacities and his challenge naughty tricks. His initially genuine hit film was Khiladi (1992) and despite the fact that it was a win,his another super duper hit movie was Yeh Dillagi (1994) which got him acknowledgment as well as denoted his position as a top group performer. Another film Hera Pheri which conveyed to the bleeding edge his quality in comic drama and wonderful planning as. Akshay Kumar kept on enhancing with each film, Khakee, Mujhse Shaadi Karogi, Aitraaz, Waqt, Awara Pagaal Deewana. Today he is a standout amongst the most looked for after on-screen characters who charges a solid film industry opening.Below mentioned is a list of his some top action movies that you can also watch online excusively at and also you can watch top rated movies of hollywood action hero  matt damon at

01. Khiladi 420 (2000)

Directed by: Neeraj Vora
Produced by: Keshu Ramsay
Written by: Uttam Gada
Release date: 29 December 2000

Shyam Prasad Bharadwaj is a Business Specialist. He has a lone girl named Ritu. In Canada, someone attempts to kill Bharadwaj, but he is saved by a young fellow named Dev Kumar Malhotra (Akshay Kumar). He discovers that Dev is likewise well off and that he claims a couple of lodgings in Canada. He might want Dev to work for him in Bombay, India which Dev concurs and he attempts to the best of his benefits to meet the objectives of Bharadwaj association. This inspires Bharadwaj to the degree that he asks like Dev and Ritu to get hitched. Bharadwaj passes away soon and Dev gets married to Ritu. On their matrimonial night, Ritu came to know about the reality that Dev is not what he claims to be. Ritu and Dev had a little fight over this which winds up leaving Dev dead. Griefing Ritu soon meets Anand, Dev's twin sibling, who should now pay the cost for Dev's offense by the police.

02. Khiladiyon Ka Khiladi

Directed by: Umesh Mehra
Produced by: Keshu Ramsay
Written by: Umesh Mehra
Release date:14 June 1996

Akshay (Akshay Kumar) who is an army officer on his way to the USA to attend his brother, Ajay's (Inder Kumar) wedding. On the flight, he met Priya fall in love with her at first sight. Ajay Malhotra with the help of his girlfriend gathers enough evidence against Maya (a Female Don in the US) and is going to provide this to the police but before this could happen, Ajay himself is trapped and wanted by the US police. He is kidnapped by Maya until he gives this evidence to her. Akshay's search for his brother leads him to the dangers Maya who is above even the American law. Maya falls in love with Akshaye and Akshaye loves her younger sister, Priya and will be asked to choose between Maya and Priya.

03. Sabse Bada Khiladi (1995) 

Directed by: Umesh Mehra
Produced by: Keshu Ramsay
Written by: Umesh Mehra
Release date: 9 June 1995

Lallu (Akshay Kumar) was separated from his family and has been brought up by foster parents. He traveled to Bombay in search for a job and starts working as a loyal servant for rich businessman Jamna Das (Avtar Gill). One day he came to know that  Jamna Das's daughter Sunita (Mamta Kulkarni) drunk in a nightclub he took her home. With the loyalty of Lallu Jamna Das realizing how Lallu never took advantage of Sunita when she was in drinking state. So he decided to get Sunita married to Lallu. Sunita refused to marry with Lallu as she is in love with Amit (Mohnish Behl). When Jamna Das suddenly dies of a heart attack, in his will and testament he wrote that Sunita must be married to Lallu or she will not be entitled to any of his wealth and estates. Seeing no other option she marries Lallu but decided to kill him with the help of her lover Amit so that she can inherit all of her father's wealth for herself.

04. Elaan (1994)

Directed by: Guddu Dhanoa
Produced by: Raju Narula
Written by: Dilip Shukla
Release date: 21 January 1994

Ramakant Chaudhry Assistant Police Commissioner has two sons Vishal Chaudhry (Akshay Kumar) and Vikas Chaudhry. His eldest son, Vikas, was killed by unknown persons, who are still at large. Ramakant is a very honest and dedicated person, in a corrupt city. Vishal witnessed a murder and is able to identify the killer, the killer is the son of a prominent and well-known person. He told to his father and his father wanted to arrest that killer. But the killer and the party threatened them to kill their family. Vishal and Ramakant must now decide whether to save their family respectively or to compromise with the killer and corrupt elements within the police force itself.

05. Khiladi (1992)

Directed by: Abbas Mustan
Produced by: Girish Jain
Written by: Naeem Ejaz
Release date: 5 June 1992

Four friends Raj Malhotra (Akshay Kumar), Neelam Chaudhary (Ayesha Jhulka), Boney and Sheetal (Sabeeha) decided to do a practical joke with Kailash Nath who was the Sheetal's dad. They telephone Kailash and told him that his daughter has been kidnapped and demand a ransom of Rs. 200,000 otherwise his daughter was killed. Things seem to go according to plan until the police headed by Raj's elder brother Suresh Malhotra have been informed by Kailash's servant. They manage to escape from the police only to return and find that Sheetal has been murdered with all the evidence pointing towards them. 

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