How to Choose a Best Quiet Dehumidifier

The dehumidifier can bring that wet feeling out of the basement or the laundry room and prevent some other sticky situations: Over 50% humidity can cause dust, mold and mildew, other health problems. Normally, your space damper, you will need more space in the dehumidifier.

Best Quiet Dehumidifier Reviews

To remove moisture, a dehumidifier uses a fan to move air through the cooling coils, pulling moisture away from the air and dripping into the tank. All models in the Consumer Reports tests are fully operational. But some come closer to others to meet the moisture levels specified on the humidistat. And some are more effective or run lighter than others.

Most of the models we tested have automatic restart in the event of a power outage, as well as frost control to minimize fog accumulation on coils, sometimes occurring when the device is in the basement. cold.

How do we check the dehumidifier?
We test dehumidifiers in three categories based on capacity, which refers to the amount of water they remove from the air:

Small: evaluated to remove 30-35 pints of moisture per day

Average: is evaluated to remove 50 pints per day

Large: Rated to remove 60 to 70 pints per day

Our water removal test measures the ability to remove water from the air in our test chamber at 80 ° F and 60% relative humidity. The moisture accuracy check determines the tightness of each dehumidifier that can be reached and maintains the moisture level set.

To save energy, our engineers calculate the amount of energy needed to remove a pint of water from the air, and our cool room performance tests evaluate the removal performance and water efficiency. a room at 50 degrees and 60% relative humidity (a good indicator of performance in a cold, humid basement).

All of this data is aggregated into an Overall Score and rating for each dehumidifier we check. Our complete dehumidifier rating covers about 30 models.

Things to know before you shop
Consider where it goes
Noise is a concern in the living space. Our measurements 3 feet away are usually around 55 decibels (about the sound of the big conversation) to 67 decibels (the amount of street traffic) for the dehumidifier we tested.

New energy standards
Because of the new federal energy standards, many dehumidifiers in our latest tests earn a very good rating or better for energy efficiency. That means you will see a lower operating cost compared to the older dehumidifiers. That is important because in hot, humid weather, dehumidifiers work around the clock.
Big or wet space
The models have the greatest capacity to remove moisture quickly and efficiently in the most difficult situations, such as wet basements.

Small dots or damp
A large-capacity dehumidifier will dry faster than a smaller space, but a medium-sized model may do so with less cycling and off, according to the manufacturer.

Buy your time
New models appear late in the spring and early summer and most sales and in-store promotions occur between June and August. You can find closed deals in the fall and early winter.

Fix current issues
Even the best quiet dehumidifiers may not work effectively if too much of the outside moisture penetrates into your home. Gutter gutters and check the rain-discharging pipes that are at least 5 feet away from the house can help.