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Get a Loan with a Low Credit ScoreAll About Loans is an online resource that helps people with poor credit to find decent loans to help them meet goals and rebuild their credit rating. Having bad credit can make it very tough to find a lender that will give you a second chance. However, there are resources available that can provide the short & long term financing you need.

You can have a look below at our recommended resources and make sure to visit our other Credit Help pages that have helpful credit and financial tips

Our Top Rated Financial Resource for Bad Credit:

Personal Loans for Bad Credit - ARCCTARCCT provides national personal loan services for people with credit problems. They have programs available for individuals with bad, good and no credit. They accept applications 24/7 and process most applications instantly.

Visit Them at: https://www.arcct.com/personal-loans.html


Our Top Rated Resource for Credit Reports:

Credit SesameCredit Sesame is a good place to see what is going on with your credit report and score. Their basic package is 100% free and it gives you monthly updates on your credit score and they also send you credit notices if any changes are notices on your credit report.

Visit them at: https://www.creditsesame.com


Our Top Rate Resource for Reporting & Recovering from Identity Theft:

Report & Recover from Identity Theft Identity Theft is a horrible thing to experience and hopefully you never have to use this resource. But, if you find yourself a victim the Federal Trade Commission has put together a seperate division to help people that have had their identity stolen.

Visit them at: https://www.identitytheft.gov



The resources listed above have been vetted and deemed safe by us but as always use caution when using any online service. Also, be sure to check out our other credit related articles listed below.

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