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A Dunnellon woman was arrested after allegedly hitting a man in the head with a raw steak after he refused a piece of sliced bread. A Gainesville father was arrested for hitting his daughter with a pizza slice when she wouldn't turn off a computer.

The Fishing Pier on jacksonville beach florida stretches for about a quarter of a mile into the Atlantic Ocean. It is a family friendly pier and wheel chair accessible. Facilities include a concession and bait shop.

However, if you take the fossils from land that belongs to the state or from navigable waterways, then you will need a permit, that cost only $5 for the year. You MUST also let them know about your findings.

I found a great rental store in Jacksonville called Michael's Formalwear. It's located at 9501 Arlington Expy Ste 188. You can call them at (904) 721-1633 for more information. Michael's formalwear is a locally owned company not a chain department store with the same old stuff. You will be able to rent tuxes and dresses at reasonable hometown prices here.

jacksonville fl If they weren't they would stop talking about lies and start fixing things and telling us their plans, then they at least would look less ignorant. It is sad that the staunch supporters are willing to let America fall because they can't admit they don't want a "BLACK MAN" as our leader. That must really be a kick in the teeth of the Good Ole Boy Network! Or what teeth they have left to get kicked.....Sad the stupidity and stubbornness of people.

News to do in jacksonville fl As the name "Skating Academy" implies this is a rink that knows how to take its skating very seriously. If you or someone in your family is interested in learning to skate from the fundamentals on up to competitive activities the Tampa Bay Ice Skating Academy may turn out to be one of the best ice skating spots in Florida for you. But while it can cater to the serious, competitive skater, the Tampa Bay Ice Skating Academy also makes way for other interests like hockey and figure skating.

For this client, they had a million dollar "driving simulator." It is designed to train and test divers on how to handle adverse conditions. For this conference, it was used as a fun, "hands on activity." Though most of the drivers were men, most of the wives attending jumped in and tried the simulator. They were having fun. I watched and observed some of them, and made sure I learned the names of the people I saw drive. Later during my keynote I had fun with it.

As for our most impatient citizens, where in the country can they be found? All you need to do is check out the most traffic-plagued and grid-locked cities. According to understanding , the majority of GPS device users with real-time traffic information and the option to route around traffic mishaps live in Los Angeles CA. Not really a surprise, however, most of you were probably thinking New York City, right?. Surprisingly, the Big Apple seems to be lagging at #3, and was beat out by Washington DC. Rounding out the top 5 are Chicago IL as #4 and Atlanta GA is #5 on this list of hurried and impatient commuters.