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Whenever I hear that song I am puzzled that it is such a popular song (not because she isn't a great singer--she is). Destroying someone's property almost always ends up hurting the one doing the destroying and, therefore, makes no sense to me. I wonder how common the sentiment expressed in the song is.

things to do in jacksonville fl A Dunnellon woman was arrested after allegedly hitting a man in the head with a raw steak after he refused a piece of sliced bread. A Gainesville father was arrested for hitting his daughter with a pizza slice when she wouldn't turn off a computer.

If they weren't they would stop talking about lies and start fixing things and telling us their plans, then they at least would look less ignorant. It is sad that the staunch supporters are willing to let America fall because they can't admit they don't want a "BLACK MAN" as our leader. That must really be a kick in the teeth of the Good Ole Boy Network! Or what teeth they have left to get kicked.....Sad the stupidity and stubbornness of people.

jacksonville fl 3) Healing Hands Medical Clinic is located at 5126 Timuquana Rd. this is on the west side of Jacksonville. Call 777-4228 to make an appointment. They are only open on Tuesdays, from 5pm until 8 pm.

Last year, Anderson rode from the Mexican border to Canadian border and back to raise more money for local charities. Then back in 2004, he went on his first trip from Canada to Mexico and then a different ride from San Diego, Calif., to jacksonville beach florida, Fla.

There are an abundance of shark's teeth here, because of the non-turbulent wave action that occurred when Venice was formed thousands of years ago, and it was because of this action that helped the fossils settle on the sea floor.

If you have an interest in law enforcement, you can visit The American Police Hall of Fame and Museum that is in Miami, Florida free. to the men and women who have been killed while protecting the rights of citizens by honoring them through the list that is present that dates back into the sixties. You and your family can also enjoy seeing various types of weapons and confinement tools that have been used through the history of law enforcement. You can also enjoy visiting a crime scene up close and personal. This museum is a unique experience that your family will remember for years to come!

Experts, including TWC meteorologists, are expecting widespread damage in the entire region because of the sheer size of Sandy. Plus, it will be a slow mover once it makes landfall. "It's almost a weeklong, five-day, six-day event," Jim Cisco said from a NOAA forecast center. "It's going to be a widespread, serious storm." He added that the weather might not start clearing in the mid-Atlantic until the day after Halloween and November 2 in the upper Northeast.