UPDATED: 02/18/18


Making Money

Hit 1st Goal and 2nd Goal EVERYDAY on Swagbucks using the To Do List (left hand side of screen on Swagbucks website).

Click My BonusMail emails from MyPoints EVERYDAY.

Do 4 Searches and watch videos EVERYDAY at InboxDollars app

or do so from Desktop Inbox Dollars TV and Searches

Do Last Credited (left side of screen) and Newest Offers (right side of screen) at KissMyCash


Promoting Business

Text/Call/Email 20 to 60 Leads a Day using MLMROD Lead System promoting DSP/ELAC

Using Facebook and Craigslist to promote SF. Offering more in depth Marketing Training for those who sign up under me in any of my Paid Online Programs.



Click FreeDoge.co.in every hour.

BTCHeat 3 Spins every 3 hours.


Getting Traffic

Surf 3-4 Manual Traffic Exchanges for Traffic credits 50-400 pages each Manual Traffic Exchange.

Use TrafficG PTP page on other TEs to get Credits for Surfing (Earn Credits through other TEs NO Surfing needed)

Surf ListSurfing Once a Month 50 pages (Just Once a Month Surfing required)

Use credits from tokens (you get by completing tasks) to get views to your website at Traffic Swirl.

Login to IBOToolbox twice a day to collect a total of 100 credits (Morning 50 Credits & Evening 50 Credits) - Plus on Sundays on their Newsletter their is an additional 100 Credits. Also to build my network I add the Member of the Day. Click Free Credit Center to redeem your credits. Webinars you also earn an additional 400 Credits (Webinars on Weds).

Click on Pangea Ads to be able to post 1-2 a day (if you are on the website all day & clicking its very possible to get 2 done a day) I click my ads inbox/on site.

Post my offer daily to MillionLeadsForFree after I view 10 ads

Use TrafficPi Banner Coop to drive traffic to my banners (add banners under Ads -> Banners) then add your TrafficPI Banner Coop to your other banner TEs and earn unlimited Banner traffic (thank you for the tip Mic43lapoison.com)

Post on your Social Media - Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube about Business.


Surf HungryForHits for 50% more credits.


Surf 250 pages or more on ClickVoyager and receive a 7 day upgrade to Silver level membership.


50% more credits surfing at ClickVoyager





Build a Website like this one with your Programs using All4Webs

Post on Traffic Exchanges to earn credits/cash for co-ops The Downliner and Explosive Traffic

To be continued...