Are You Facing problems with the music app on your iPhone? Trying the other music players from the App Store? But most of the app is using Wi-Fi to listen to the music? So, how would you really find free music apps for iPhone without Wi-Fi?

Free Music Apps for iPhone Without Wi-Fi

To help you with this problem, to make your wish come true, we have searched the whole web. You can now save your favorite songs on the go. No more trouble when you are not in the range of Wi-Fi. In this article, you will get the top free music apps for iPhone without wifi.

So, you do not need to struggle to find the best music apps by searching and reading through different websites. Simply follow the article and you will find the best app according to your choice and preference in no time.

So, let’s not make this article any longer and boring. Let me come to the point directly. Here are the free music apps for iPhone without Wi-Fi in which you can listen to your favorite songs while staying offline from the how to download apps for iphone without wifi.


When we are talking about both “Free” and “Offline” the first music players come in the list id Umusio. Let’s see what features you will get installing this app:

100% Free
The most interesting part about this app is that it’s a 100% free. You do not need to waste your money on the other music player when you got the Umusio. We believe that everyone needs to cut his coat according to clothes. So, when you are searching for a free app, this should be your first priority.

Easy Searching
There is, of course, a search button in this app. You can easily search the music by one tap of your finger. No need to tear down the whole web for the new songs. The songs will be updated automatically!

Create Playlists

There are some songs that can give you a fresh feeling when you are on a journey, there are some party songs. And sometimes you need to listen to the country songs. All these types can be categorized easily in this music app.