A Mother Needs to Feel Special on her ‘Special’ Day

Mother’s Day is round the corner, and one is wondering what to choose in the name of Mother’s Day gifts. It always seems like the ‘pillar’ of the household has everything, and yet, has nothing! This is because she is always busy running around, sharing and caring, ensuring that everyone else is happy! Such a person will definitely receive any present with genuine glee, for it is the thought that counts, and not the ‘size’ or ‘price’!

A Hint of the ‘Personal’

There are things that she may have a great liking for, yet never voiced her preferences. It would be good, therefore, to take note of mother’s hidden wishes, and select a suitable present for her. If the inclination is towards the personal, one might consider going in for customized Mother’s Day gifts. For instance, even with her whole family around her, a mother would still cherish photographs of her husband and self, her children, or the whole household coming together within a single frame. Therefore, decorated photo frames should prove quite apt for the occasion.

Alternatively, there are customized magic mugs, desk calendars, key rings, wall hangings, coasters, tiles and cushions. One may wish her longevity via the gifting of lucky bamboo plants, or prosperity via the presenting of the lucky fortune cat. If she is highly spiritual, she will treasure idols of her favorite deities.

Flowery Gestures

Which woman does not adore receiving bouquets/baskets/vases of flowers? Well, ‘mother’ is a woman too! One should be able to visualise the look on her face, when a bouquet of mixed flowers lands on her doorstep on her ‘special’ day! The collection comprises of red roses, pink carnations and pink lilies. The red is a symbol of deep love for the woman who was responsible for the entry of her children into this world. The pink suggests peace and harmony. After all, the mother does strive to maintain and sustain loads of ‘love’ in the domestic atmosphere. Then again, anything in bright yellow or orange refers to a lively personality.

If these flowers have accompaniments like soft teddy bears, boxes of sweets, packages of dry fruits, mouth-watering cakes, or delicious chocolates, it would be all the better.

I Love to Dress Up

Age does not matter, for every woman loves to dress up, specifically for an occasion! Towards this end, it would be a marvelous idea to gift her unstitched/stitched designer Kurtis, beautiful salwar suits, or fancy sarees, all in her favorite colours. The fabrics include plain cotton, silk cotton, silk, handloom, and satin. Some of them are suitable for all seasons. It helps that couturiers take diverse body frames into consideration while cutting/styling clothing for women. Even the color shades and prints are not loud or garish, but subtle, sober, or contemporary in nature.

The application of makeup and nail paint, donning of suitable jewelry items and a wristwatch, holding a good-looking purse in her hands and wearing suitable footwear, should suffice to complete that look of a well-groomed woman. 

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