Ice skates

Ice skates

Figure skating is inserted in Olympics in competition by ice Skates at various levels


Figure skating may be defined as some group activity or activity of individual or duo to perform on figure skates on ice. Figure skates are some types of ice skates, which are generally used by figure skaters. Ice skates are nothing but special types of boots, which are usually used for ice-skating. These ice skates are boots with some attachment of blades with it and fixed with the boots with specific fixing pattern with each category of skates. Blades are attached at the bottom of the skates with some fixing pattern of belt or hinge.





Figure stakes in Olympics

Figure Skatesare one category of ice skates with which special type sports activity performed in-group or duo or individual.  These types of ice skates are specially designed for the sports of figure skating. In 1908, these sports were included as first winter sports in Olympics. In figure skates, the blades are attached with boots with some sort of screws. In most of the cases, the figure skates are purchased by figure skaters separately with boot and blades. Then some professionals in the related field assemble the figure skates.

Figure skates and deviation from traditional skates

Traditional configuration of figure skates is made with multiple layers of leather. The boot portion of the skates is made with this leather. The disciplines in the Olympics are ladies’ singles, men’s singles, ice dancing and pair skating. Four skating and synchronized skating are treated as non-Olympics sports on figure skating. If the participants are novice or experts, they have to perform either short or long categories of activities. The related sports activities may include spin, jump, moves and more.

Configuration of figure skates and pattern of performances

 In figure skating, the movers wear the figure skates and the blades attached with the figure skates are having two distinct edges with groves. In figure skating, the skaters may use one edge at a time and can glide on the ice. But, they cannot glide on the two edges at a time. During performing the spins by the performer, the skaters have to use the most rounded portions of the blades. This portion of the blades is called the sweet portion and generally lies in the middle of the blades. In the event of pair skating and singles, the performers use the skates with jagged and long teeth, which lie in the front portion of blades.

The figure skaters perform their levels from beginners and maximum up to Olympic level in the category of local, national, regional and international level. The international skating union regulates all the activities and performances related to figure skating. They organize the competitions and also judgment of the competitions. This organization also controls world junior championship, winter Olympics, world championship.

This is evident from the above discussion that figure skating is one popular sports activity and these sports are inserted in Olympic games in various styles. So, figure skating already has captured market with its own style.

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