Race Specialist Review

Are you looking for more information about the Race Specialist system and how it works to make money? This system exploits the dynamics of odds movement and herd mentality in betting exchange markets, and has been proven over time that it can make a consistent profit.

The professional punter who created this guide had tried many Betfair systems and lost a lot of money laying high priced horses before. After realizing his mistakes and making adjustments to his betting strategy, he has managed to find a laying method that works profitably over the long run.

1. What is the Race Specialist System All About, and How Does It Really Work?

The strategy you can find in this guide is about betting against favorites of races whereby there is strong evidence suggesting that its back price does not justify its chances of winning the race. After I started applying the system and seeing results that I could achieve with, I am now able to start laying favorites confidently and win even though there are many tipsters backing the favorites to win.

2. The Truth about the Horse Tipping Service Industry

In fact, since tipsters are forced to make a choice for every horse race that takes place, there will be many cases whereby the tipsters simply pick the horses as favorites just for the sake of it even if they are not confident about it. By taking a quick look at tipsters' performances at predicting horses winning races on Naps Table on the Racing Post website, you will be astonished at how poorly most paid tipsters have been performing throughout their careers.

3. How is Race Specialist Different from Most Other Horse Laying Systems?

This system requires you to do some basic horse racing competition B analysis of the betting markets before you find your selection. In general, Race Specialist does not go for profits by laying high odds horse like most other lay horse betting guides teach.


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