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Top 3 Ethnic Groups That Enrich Diversity In Hopkins, MN

Hopkins City with coordinates: 44°55′50.77″N, 93°24′6.09″W / 44.9307694°N 93.4016917°W, is a city in the state of Minnesota, USA. It is one of the cities found in Hennepin County, and was founded in 1852. Fourth one years after the city was founded, it was incorporated as West Minneapolis, in 1893, and on January 1, 1948, it was incorporated as Hopkins.

The 17,591 residents of the city make up about 8,366 households, and about 3,975 families. The city has about 8,987 housing units, a population density of about 4,311.5 residents for every square mile, and an average housing unit density of 2,202.7 for every square mile.


The city is one that is predominantly occupied by the White ethnic group, as about 70% of the city’s population belongs to the White ethnic group. The top three ethnic groups that enrich diversity in the city are as follows:

  • White Ethnic Group: 70.4% of the city’s population is Whites.
  • Black or African American Ethnic Group: 13.5% of the city’s population is Blacks or African Americans.
  • Asian Ethnic Group: 8.5% of the city’s population is Asians.

Irrespective of ethnicity, the Hopkins MN Commerce Group have gone out of their way to make sure the city offers a great environment to live in. The group possesses the greatest collection of team members in the city working tirelessly to make the city great. They engage in helping people in the city explore it, and also find local businesses and services like restaurants, chiropractors, dentists and other professional businesses.Affinity Chiropractic is one of the local businesses in the city and an associate of this group providing the best directory of chiropractors. Their goal is the see that all residents of the city achieve their set health goals, as they help provide the optimal health experience to their patients.

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