I introduced these on a 98 Chevy ext taxi (3 entryway) for an appreciated home present for my husband(he was away for the military). The first speakers are situated in the truck towards the best by the back window. Well those are 4x6. I cut an opening in the secondary passage and on the opposite side in the same place.(Its just an entryway in one side) And I simply cut the wire and put new wire running far from anyone's regular field of vision. I bored an opening in the side of the entryway and ran the wire up through the entryway seal.

I needed to cut some metal as well, not only the plastic boards. You need to have a remark the speaker to. Also, place froth in the middle of the speaker and metal or it may shake. I utilized a similar speaker for the front however in the 6.5 inch round. I likewise have the Boss Bass800 Amplified Sub and the Boss BV7320 Receiver. It sounds completely stunning for a minimal effort framework. I wish I would have purchased a superior beneficiary as this one is difficult to wire in regardless I haven't made sense of how to get the video to function. I additionally can't utilize the aux links however I'm accepting its a similar reason that the video won't work. I took a stab at reaching client benefit however I generally get put on hold and I cleared out a message a few times yet never heard anything back. That is the reason it just gets 4 stars. POOR CUSTOMER SERVICE. In any case, It is a decent item.

The framework has been in around 4 months despite everything it sounds great. The sub is destitute in now. It gives simply enough bass for a truck. The recipient has begun making a strange commotion when diverting on originating from the CD player. Not certain why.

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