GTA San Andreas APK for Free

Grand Theft Auto San Andreas (apk game), a name well known, the most overrated and famous, legendary and intense game, released in 2013 by Rock star Games still remains the most amazing to-die-for game there is. GTA San Andreas apk game earned a billion dollars in the first three days following its release simply implying how much it had been anticipated, and with its amazing graphics, the edgy story line it still remains the most played game of all time.

The good news we have here for all the fanatic gamers out there is that, even when Rock star released GTA San Andreas for Xbox and Playstation, as well as OS X and more platforms they did not officially release it for Android devices yet, which was quite the blow, but don’t you worry now because there is a way to work around this. You can now download and install GTA San Andreas APK into your phone and enjoy the same visuals and graphics and the amazing controls on your Android device! And the method is simple and we’ll help you through it.

For a short and simple guide :

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