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 In today’s internet marketing landscape, there are a plethora of opportunities to expand your brand awareness. Social media has allowed businesses of all sizes an almost even playing ground to spread their message. However, it can also become a bit overwhelming to small businesses, in particular solo marketers. Trying to keep up with Facebook this, Twitter that, and now Instagram. However, it’s good to know these platforms exist to offer you a greater chance of getting your message out there. You may not have even heard of Instagram. While it may be somewhat new to you, there are over 90 million users who login at least once per month which means it’s one social media site you want to at least pay attention to. While sites like Facebook and Twitter are your more traditional social media sites to engage with your customers and prospects, Instagram can also be powerful if used correctly. For example, it’s a photo sharing site, therefore, is more about visual impact than anything else but, when you add the right kind of photos to your hashtags, you can easily build a following and your fans will share your photos increasing awareness about your business.

A couple of tips when considering Instagram as part of your marketing toolkit.1) Think of how you can use images (photos or pics of e.g. drawings, infographics, etc.) to engage your audience. Have a photo contest where the most creative photo wins. Or, have your customers send in photos of them using your product and offer a discount to the winner. Plan a weekly or monthly contest and you’ll have content you can share on your other social media platforms such as Facebook.2) Think of how you can use images to show a more personal side to your business. For example, if you own a small hair salon, consider adding photos of your employees, customers smiling after getting their hair done, etc. Show you’re more than just a logo or website and you’re bound to connect with many more fans and soon-to-be followers. While Instagram may not be, or ever be, as big as Facebook or some of the other social media sites, with over 90 million users and its unique platform, it’s certainly not one to ignore.

Instagram MarketingThe latest marketing opportunity now available on the internet is that of Instagram. Although still very much in its early stages, Instagram has taken off with such incredible pace, so it can only be beneficial to find out what exactly Instagram and internet marketing actually is. With well over 80 million users Instagram it has to be said that Instagram is not only popular but also a huge success. Basically, it is a photo sharing application which can be used across various social media platforms. It allows even the most amateur of photographers to take a photo and transform it into something quite eye-catching. Since Instagram was bought over by Facebook, Instagram has experienced even more popularity and gained millions of more users.

Amazing what a mere billion dollars can do but for those in the internet marketing world, Instagram is the new way forward to reaching out that bit further. By incorporating images into internet marketing you can reach out to more followers and create what is referred to as branding. Instagram means instant photo sharing as you can literally take a photo with your phone and immediately upload the image to Foursquare, Facebook, Twitter or Flickr. The can even post on several platforms at the same time which saves so much time and effect in the social media marketing world. By tagging your photos and including keywords in their description you can increase rankings in the search engine. The more engaging the image, the more likely you are to receive comments and this, in turn, will help with page ranking, SEO and be gaining followers who will share your image further and obtain you even more likes and comments. So get creative and get started by incorporating Instagram into your online business and online marketing.

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