Garage Floor Sealer

Basic Ideas in Applying Garage Floor Sealer

There are different types of garage floor sealers offered by suppliers and manufacturers such as Wakefield Mfg. We are a trusted manufacturer of sealers for concrete, stones, bricks, wood and other masonry materials. Our products are developed by our engineers who are strictly following green standards resulting to high quality and innovative products such as our wide array of garage floor sealer and other types of sealers for various applications. We also offer application tools for a faster and more efficient project executions. If your next project is applying sealer on your garage floor, here are some useful tips that you might want to take a look into.

  • Before applying a sealer, make sure that you will properly prepare your garage floor. This will ensure that the sealer will bond properly on your floor. 
  • Check the temperature around your garage. If the temperature is below 50o F, reschedule the project to another time. 
  • Free your garage floor from any dirt or debris before applying your preferred garage floor sealer.
  • Wash your garage floor with a pressure washer or garden hose.To thoroughly clean your floor, use etchant or the recommended type of acid for your garage floor along with a stiff brush. Make sure to use safety mask, gloves and proper boots because etchant can be harmful although it is effective in removing stains, grease and oil. Also, there has to be proper ventilation when using etchant. 
  • When your garage floor is clean and dry, you can start with the sealant application. 

Tips for effective garage floor sealant application

  • Stick a painter’s tape to prevent applying sealer on your walls.
  • Start your sealant application from the farthest corner of your garage floor like you would with a paint. Work your way from the far end up to the garage entrance.
  • Apply a lavish amount of garage floor sealer and let it dry longer than the recommended time. If the recommended time is 24 hours, leave your garage floor for 36 hours before using it. This will provide ample time for the sealer to bond properly to the concrete garage floor.