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Imagine if you could have been one of the founding members of companies like Microsoft, Facebook, Amazon or Google. You would be set for life now. What do these companies have in common, other than being huge successes?  They were all started from someone's home office. They did not start out as big companies. Another thing they have in common is that those lucky few who were involved in the initial development of those companies have been greatly rewarded.
We do not yet have a set date for the launch of EZbiz, But those who pre-enroll early will have the opportunity to secure Founding Member status. Founding members will have exclussive benefits and a much bigger earning potential than our regular members. Pre-enrolling is Free. Plus you can start earning money, even as a free member, while you wait for our launch.

How It Works

Ezbiz is an Instant Business. Simply sign up to our  Affiliate program. Once you activate your affiliate account, we will give you your own website and store. Invite others to buy products, or to become Affiliates like you. 

You will earn money from All purchases made by your referred Affiliates and Retail Customers.

You will also earn Profit Sharing commissions from the

Entire Company's profits.

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How We Are Different?
Why is EZbiz so different from all the other business opportunities you have ever seen?

  • We are an Extra Income opportunity. EZbiz is NOT designed to make you rich. Those "Get Rich" programs JUST DON'T WORK. It does not take a genius mathematician to figure out that No Program can make all of it's members rich. 
  • Our Revolutionary Tru-Share* Profit Sharing Plan is the only compensation plan in the industry that:

  1. Starts paying you even if you have not referred anyone yet.
  2. Pays for Seniority. Your income grows Automatically the longer you remain active. This is our biggest breakthrough and what makes it nearly impossible to fail. (We have not yet launched, so you have a chance to grab a top seniority spot right now)

  3. Has the EASIEST qualification requirements of ANY residual income program in existence. (just stay active)

  4. Has No Levels, No Legs, No Matrix, No Powerline, No Pass-ups, No Cycles and None of that other Nonsense that has been PROVEN to be ineffective. We have No Pyramid structure whatsoever. Our Tru-Share* Profit Sharing Plan is completely new and like no other compensation plan in the world.

  5. Is specifically designed to work for the Average Person, not for the Heavy Hitter, super salesperson type.

  6. Pays Profit Sharing from Total Company Profits, Not just people in your personal team. This means YOU earn money from purchases made by Everyone who joins EZbiz After You as well as Everyone who joined Before You, as well as retail purchases by All non-affiliate retail customers, as well as any other profits generated by our websites.

  • Everyday Products. No miracle lotions and potions. You will have access to Brand Name  products such as: electronics, houseware, clothing, tools, pet supplies, toys, etc. Things you Already buy.


  • Competitive prices. As we grow, so will our purchasing power. Our aim is to have Walmart type prices..


  • An inovative and incredibly convenient new way to shop.  We cannot spill the beans on this new concept yet, to protect our idea from being coppied, but our pre-enrolled members will get a first look when we are near the launch date. What we CAN tell you is that no other company On The Planet is doing this. You will love this super convenient inovation in shopping, as will your eager customers.

To Pre- Enroll And lock up a Top Seniority spot in EZbiz Return To The Web Page That Linked you To This One And Follow The Instructions There



Tru-Share* Compensation Plan

(With Seniority Pay)

*This Will Put All Other Pay Plans To Shame*

MLM Compensation Plan Flaw by robsan40

There are Three (3) Income Streams, two of which have

Absolutely No Qualification Requrements At All

1. Retail Commissions:

  • You earn  a 10% Retail Commission on all purchases made by your Retail Customers and Affiliates referred by you.
  • There are NO qualification requirements whatsoever to earn Retail Commissions. - it's YOUR customer, YOUR sale, YOUR commission - Forever.

2. Tru-Share* Profit Sharing Commissions:

  • 30% of company Net Profits are placed into the profit sharing pool.
  • Those funds are divided into the total number of shares earned by all members.  This determins the dollar value of each share for that month.
  • We call it Tru-Share because EVERYBODY gets a piece of the pie, not just the elite, like other pay plans.
  • You must be an Active member to qualify for profit shares. You are considered Active if you placed an order, or made a retail sale, of at least $10 during the month. There are no other "Bogus" qualification requirements like all the MLM programs have.

There are 2 types of shares you can earn.

  1. Basic Shares - Earned by referring Affiliates. (You get 1 share just for being Active to get you started earning money even if you haven't referred anyone yet) You are considered Active if you placed an order of at least $10 during the month.

  2. Bonus Shares - Earned for achieving certain goals. These Goals can change from month to month, which will make things exciting and fun. For example, purchassing a "Spotlight" product, making 3 retail sales in the month, winning fun contests or games, etc.


Seniority Share Multiplier

animated fireworks photo: Fireworks Fireworks.gif

This is our Biggest Breakthrough. It makes it virtually Impossible to Not make money.

All of the shares you earn from Basic and Bonus shares are added up and multiplied by a factor that is

Determined by Your Seniority as an Affiliate:  

Seniority Multiplier Chart



  1. If you have earned 5 Shares, and 250 new Affiliates have signed up after you, your Share Multiplier is 2, therefore you will have 10 total shares that month.
  2. If you have earned 5 Shares, and 4000 new Affiliates have signed up after you, your Share Multiplier is 4, therefore you will have 20 total shares that month.
  3. If you have earned 5 Shares, and 5000 new Affiliates have signed up after you, your Share Multiplier is 5, therefore you will have 25 total shares that month.

It makes no difference who sponsored the afiliates that sign up after you, they ALL count. This makes the Entire Company ONE BIG TEAM, all working together, top to bottom, to grow the Company Wide Profit Sharing Pool. A pool that EVERY affiliate shares in, from the Top Dog to the very Newest member. Note: Non-affiliate Retail Customers do not go on the Seniority List, only affiliates.


3. Matching Bonus Commissions:

  • 100% Matching Bonus on Profit Share earnings of your personally referred Affiliates who have themselves sponsored 3 or more affiliates. (EG: If they earn $100, You earn $100)
  • 50% Matching Bonus on Profit Share earnings of your personally referred Affiliates who have themselves sponsored Less than 3 affiliates. (EG: If they earn $100, You earn $50
  • There are NO qualification requirements whatsoever to earn Matching Bonuses. - it's YOUR Referral, YOUR Bonus - Forever.
  • Matching Bonuses are paid on your referrals' Profit Share earnings Only. Their retail commissions are not used to calculate the matching bonus as we will be striving to keep our product prices competitive.



What we are doing here is nothing short of completely revolutionizing the Network Marketing, Affiliate Marketing and Work-from-home industries.  You have the opportunity to be a True Pioneer. We have the opportunity to impact thousands, maybe even millions of lives in a positive way. But we need you. We can not do it alone. We need people with a Pioneering Spirit to be our founding members.
I hope to hear from you soon.  I hope you take a closer look at what you have here and get excited about your future with us and the future of the home based business industry,  as we totally revolutionize it together.

God Bless You,

Roberto Santana - Founder

To Pre- Enroll And lock up a Top Seniority spot in EZbiz Return To The Web Page That Linked you To This One And Follow The Instructions There