Compensation Plan

(Coming Soon)

(4 Income Streams)


1. Referral Commissions:

  • You earn  a 10% Retail Commission on all subscriptions and purchases made by  Affiliates referred by you.
  • There are NO qualification requirements whatsoever to earn Referral Commissions. - it's YOUR referral, YOUR sale, YOUR commission - Forever.

2. Tru-Share* Profit Sharing Commissions:

  • 25% of revenue from subscriptions and product sales are placed into the profit sharing pool.
  • Those funds are divided into the total number of shares earned by all members.  This determines the dollar value of each share for that month.
  • EVERYBODY with an active Gold subscription gets a piece of the pie, not just the elite, like other pay plans.

This is how you earn shares:

You get 1 share just for being Active to get you started earning money (even if you haven't referred anyone yet).  This makes it practically IMPOSSIBLE for upgraded members to Not make money. You are considered Active if you have a Gold subscription during the month. There is an earnings Cap of $100 dollars per month on profit sharing commissions. Any commissions earned over $100 will be put into the following month's pool.  *The advantages of this earnings limit is explained lower down on this page. In the future we will increase this limit, $100 is just a starting point. We will be rewarding members who have been with us from the beginning, and upgraded to Gold level, with a higher cap. 

Referring members earns you additional shares as follows:

Your Total

Active Referrals

Shares Earned

For The Month

0 1
1 to 2 2
3 to 4 4
5 or More 5

** Only your "Active" (Upgraded) Members earn you Shares


Seniority Share Multiplier

animated fireworks photo: Fireworks Fireworks.gif

This is our Biggest Breakthrough. It makes it virtually Impossible to Not make money, and Automatically Grows your income.

All of the shares you earn are multiplied by a factor that is

Determined by Your Seniority as an Affiliate:  

Seniority Multiplier Chart



  1. If you have earned 5 Shares, and 250 new Affiliates have signed up after you, your Share Multiplier is 2, therefore you will have 10 total shares that month.
  2. If you have earned 5 Shares, and 4000 new Affiliates have signed up after you, your Share Multiplier is 4, therefore you will have 20 total shares that month.
  3. If you have earned 5 Shares, and 5000 new Affiliates have signed up after you, your Share Multiplier is 5, therefore you will have 25 total shares that month.

It makes no difference who sponsored the affiliates that sign up after you, they ALL count. Free members DO count for this calculation. This makes the Entire Company ONE BIG TEAM, all working together, top to bottom, to grow the Company Wide Profit Sharing Pool. A pool that EVERY ACTIVE affiliate shares in, from the Top Dog to the very Newest member.


3. Matching Bonus Commissions:

  • Gold Members get a 100% Matching Bonus on Profit Share earnings of your personally referred Affiliates. (EG: If they earn $10, You earn $10)
  • Free Members get a 10% Matching Bonus on Profit Share earnings of your personally referred Affiliates. (EG: If they earn $10, You earn $1) - 10 percent seems like a low amount to pay for a Matching Bonus, but keep in mind that Nobody else pays matching bonuses to Free members. NOBODY!


4. Commissions From Programs In The Downline Builder:

Because we are  PRIMARILY  a Downline Builder and Marketing System, and because we will be keeping our subscription price at an affordable level, you will not get rich from Downline Farm.  That is not our mission. Our mission, and our main service is to Grow Your Downlines In Your Affiliate Programs. Whether or not that program has the potential to make you rich is beyond our control.

This fourth income stream should ideally be your biggest money earner. All members of Downline Farm will be encouraged to join our flagship program, AIOP, which is one of the most successful and affiliate-friendly programs in the business. There are also many FREE to join programs in our downline builder which you can earn money from.


Additional Details:

**The earnings Cap (limit) placed on the profit sharing commissions is there to accomplish 5 goals:

  1. Make it easier to fulfill our "Everybody Earns" promise. If you have the top most successful members earning 90 percent of the commissions, that leaves nothing for the little guys. That is actually one of the biggest problems with other compensation plans.        
  2. Keep the value of each share high. Any money earned over the limit will be placed into the next month's pool, increasing the value of each share. The main purpose of our profit sharing feature is to get the NEW members earning fast, not to make anyone rich. This solves the undisputed #1 problem in the business: Attrition.  If your referrals start earning money quickly,  they are much less likely to quit.
  3. It encourages Top Producers to help their referrals, because once they max out the profit sharing commissions, their best way to grow their income will be by helping their referrals max out THEIR profit shares, and collect on those Matching Bonuses.  
  4. Encourages "Lazy" affiliates to work. With our pay plan it is possible for you to join, then do absolutely nothing, yet your income from the profit sharing pool will grow and grow. Once these "do-nothing" affiliates reach their earnings cap, they will have to actually do some work if they wish to continue to grow their income. 
  5. It encourages your referrals to join your OTHER programs in your downline builder as a way of earning more money.


- I did not list "Referral Contest" or "Top Promoter Contest" as income streams because they are not permanent. We will run these contests ocassionally, but we may stop them in the future.


- Some changes will need to be made to the current Downline Farm set up to make it more compatible with the new pay plan, such as:

  1. How many of your own programs you can add. Free members will not get to add any programs, and Gold members can add 3.
  2. The Silver membership will be eliminated. We will have only Free and Gold memberships.
  3. Level 2 commissions will be eliminated. With our new pay plan your profit share   commissions are based on the purchases of EVERY member. That's everyone who joins after you as well as everyone who joined Before you.

Levels? we don't need no stinkin' levels!


- We will retain the more popular Gold member's features, such as Random Referrals, Ad Co-op where we advertise your Downline Farm link on hundreds of sites and Founding Member status in (when it launches). 


What we are doing here is nothing short of completely revolutionizing the Network Marketing, Affiliate Marketing and Work-from-home industries.  You will be a True Pioneer, ushering in a new age in the work-from-home field.

   I hope you get excited about your future with us and the future of the home based business industry,  as we totally revolutionize it together.  

God Bless,

Roberto Santana - Admin