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Send a donation of only $30 to one person and receive 9 donations in return. You will always send your donation to yor sponsors sponsor. You invite 3 people. They will always send their donation to your sponsor. Your 3 each invite 3. Those 9 will always send their donation to you and they will always follow you through all 5 levels. This is a 5 level compensation plan and here is how it works...

Level 1: 9 x $30=$270.$100 Donation to level 2. You keep $170.

Level 2: 9 x $100=$900.$300 Donation to level 3. You keep $600.

Level 3: 9 x $300=$2,700.$1,000 Donation to level 4. You keep $1,700.

Level 4: 9 x $1,000=$9,000.$3,000 Donation to level 5. You keep $6,000.

Level 5: 9x $3,000=$27,000.You keep it all.

Total donations to you, $35,470

Then go back to level 1 and do it again! You will be amazed at the potential of your “one time” out of pocket cost of only $30.

Cycle all 5 levels once a month= 425,640 per year.

Call me for start up instruction:

Sponsor>>>Richard Malone @1-256-444-8012 or

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