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A popular Forex Trading system

Understanding the Forex market condition in the first place can be difficult for beginners. But with proper research and understanding, it is easier to know what is happening in the market and how exactly Forex trading work. In this article, I am going to discuss a popular Forex trading system. If you want to know about the Forex broker, you can visit

Developed by John Bollinger technical indicator known as Bollinger Bands is in the portfolio of every technical analyst, but, due to the simplicity of practical application, it is also widely used by traders. Initially, the strategy Bollinger has been developed by the author for the stock market, but now works at the market rate.

On the chart Bollinger midline coincides with the moving average usually has a period of 20, although not without exceptions. The upper line is formed by adding to the moving average of two standard deviations lower minus two standard deviations from the midline.

In the most primitive form of free Forex trading systems using Bollinger Bands indicator looks like the following: the intersection of costs top line; a sign for sale, the intersection of the bottom – a sign to buy. However, not all is that easy. They automatically think that touch the upper belt means a sale, and touch the lower band is buying. This is very far from the truth. Some touch the upper and lower bands which is buy and sell signals, respectively. But not all touch points for action. The price can move up the top tape or go down to the bottom of the tape, and when that happens, you often get the most lucrative deals.

The bandwidth depends on the volatility of the market. In periods of sharp volatility of stock width of Bollinger Bands is increased at a relatively stable market band narrows. But after narrowing of the band may be sharp price fluctuations.

If the price breaks through the upper line of tape, then cut it down, then we can recommend a decision to sell because rising prices is over. If the price crosses the lower line from top to bottom, and then from the bottom up, you can decide on a purchase.

Using this indicator should be considered and swings when the price goes far beyond the top or bottom line. After such a breach of the band can expect a reversal in price. But there is a possibility that the price will turn up several peaks, so the discovery of such moments risky.

When trading Bollinger Bands risk can be reduced by reducing the time format. The smaller, the lower the risk while waiting for a trend reversal. Upon return of the price in a range of tapes, we can assume the resumption of the underlying trend.

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