5 basic rules for Football:

Today's article is more didactic than current, of course. It is about the first 5 basic rules of football, which opened the way for the king sport is not chaos. All changes that have taken place since then are a thing of the International Football Association Board, which incidentally is formed by FIFA and four football associations in the UK; we must not forget that is where football originated such and as we know it today. The first official regulation of the soccer was the one that was created in 1863. Football Association (FA) of England created thirteen basic rules that are still sacred, although most have been modified over time:

1- The length of the field cannot exceed 200 yards (about 182 meters) and the width cannot be more than 120 yards (about 109 meters). The length and width are delimited with flags and the goal will be formed by two vertical posts separated by 8 yards (7.32 meters), without there being any ribbon or bar between them.

2- A raffle will be held before the game to determine in which goals each team starts. The ball will move with a kick from the center of the field. The team that has lost the goal sweepstakes will be responsible for making the kickoff. The opposing team may not approach less than 10 yards (9.14 meters) until the ball is put into play.

3- After one of the team's scores, the team that has received the goal will have the right to withdraw from the center. When the first half ends, both teams will change their goal to start the second half on opposite sides.

4-When a player hits the ball; one of his own group can't be in front of his adversaries. In the event that he will be, he is out of play and can't touch the ball or keep another from doing as such. Be that as it may, it is never out of play when the ball is drawn behind the objective line.

5-If the ball goes behind the objective line and a player as an afterthought to which the goalkeeper has a place touches the ball initial, one of his group may make a free kick from the objective line at the inverse point in which Ball must be touched. In the event that it is a player of the other group who touches it initial, one of your group may appreciate a free kick to the objective from a point 15 yards (13.72 meters) away.


About rule 1: There is no field that exceeds these dimensions or by the way. The Camp Nou, which is one of the largest playgrounds, has dimensions of 105 × 68 meters approximately. The distance between the two posts of the goal remains intact, only now there is a crossbar.

About rule 4: Offside is one of the few rules that remain intact. That yes, has evolved so that in the band serves a player can receive the ball behind the defense without committing an infraction.

About rule 5: It is a rule that has disappeared with the passage of the years to give way to what today is known as corners or corners.

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