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How Your Guide Dog Can Become Your Best Pet Friend

Dogs are referred to many times as "man's best friend" due to the fact that they are socially compatible with humans.  Dogs, as seen at PetVetsOnline, can be of use to humans in a variety of ways.  As examples of this are dogs that hunt, dogs that are used for herding, guide dogs for the blind, police dogs as well as guard dogs.  There are dogs who have been taught to sniff out illegal drugs, locate bombs and even sniff out diseases in the body of a human.

Blind or visually impaired humans are assisted by guide dogs who form an essential part of their lives.  Whether you are a businessman, retired, or even a student, any contribution, whether small or large will assist in training guide dogs who are life-changing and who can offer services that are free to those in need.  To this end, it is important to discover more regarding how you might be able to assist the guide dog association in your area.

Guide dogs who are already qualified can be identified by the fluorescent yellow strips on the white harness that they wear.  These dogs are used to guide both adults as well as children who are either blind or visually impaired.

In America is has been estimated that there are in the region of ten-thousand guide dogs working in the field (this includes all guide dog schools).  And it is a fact that dogs guiding the blind make up more than two and a half per cent of the population of service dogs, according to the Arizona University - this figure more than likely also includes animals used for emotional support which are from time to time added in with animals in service.  A fairer estimate of the amount of task trained dogs in service in America could possibly be one-hundred-thousand to two-hundred-thousand.



A dog often used for guiding is the German Shepherd.  About one hundred years ago, Germany set-up the Schutzhund trial which was a test of the breed which meant that should a dog fail the test, it would not be allowed to breed.  Due to these strict requirements, German Shepherds had superior intelligence and abilities and therefore was also a working dog who was superior to others.  During the aftermath of the First World War, returning US soldiers who admired the German Shepherd's ability to be trained as well as their intelligence, took them back to America where they soon became popular not only as a working dog but also as a pet too.  Today, these dogs are regularly trained as sheepdogs, guard dogs, guide dogs as well as police dogs.

It is widely known that it is possible to train German Shepherds to do almost everything.  Due to this fact, they are often employed as aid dogs for the disabled.  They are also used as correctional service dogs, customs dogs and also obedience dogs.  They are suited to all types of environments due to their work ethic and versatility.