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Shadow fight 3 cheat codes and tips for Android and iOS

Are you looking for Shadow Fight 3 cheat codes and hints and tips? We have summarized here a handful of tips and tricks as well as everything to the question whether there are cheats for Android or iOS. The app Shadow Fight 3 is a new game by the developer Nekki and in our opinion very successful.With Shadow Fight 3 Hack Cheats now over 40 million players on Facebook, the game is now available for Android and iOS and is just great fun. You play a warrior, who has already died, but now as a shadow warrior resurrected and fights against the evil opponents. Not only are there numerous attacks and attack bombs, but also lots of deadly weapons and equipment. With the coins collected in the game, you can upgrade and improve your character in Shadow Fight 3. At the same time, you can choose from a variety of different campaign techniques.

In addition to the ability to control the character in combat and to perform strong attacks, it also depends on the right equipment. There are currently over 100 different weapons available. This includes, for example, a sword or nunchakus, with which you can teach the enemy the fear. With the help of magical crews, you can do more damage and get more damage from your opponent. If you are looking for a good Beat'Em-Up game for Shadow Fight 3 Android Hack and iOS, which is also free of charge, you should take a closer look at shadow fight 3. Especially for Kombofans, the app is exactly the right thing. Not to mention the great looks and the beautiful effects in the fight.

Under the following heading, we have listed some information about Shadow fight 3 cheats and some tips. 

Shadow fight 3 Tips and Tricks

Even if there are no groundbreaking tips for a Beat'Em-Up, except for the equipment, we have summarized here a few tips on the beginning of the game as well as the defense of the attacks by Hack Shadow Fight 3 the opponent. If you have more tips for the app, please write to us about the commentary and we will include your notes in this article.

Tip 1: General tips on the app

Let's see some general tips for Shadow fight 3, which we have noticed in the past few hours. On the one hand, it depends on the right control. By moving the joystick to the left and activating an attack, you can attack the enemy. If you pull the joystick backward, you can avoid the attacks from the opponent. This is especially important in the app, it is not only important to hand out a lot of damage, but also the enemies land, again and again, some attacks and this one should block especially during the later game, because otherwise you quickly have fun with the game becomes.

Another special feature of Shadow fight 3 compared to other Beat'Em Up games are the hitboxes. In some apps from this genre, it does not really matter where you hit the opponent because it always deals damage and has a negative impact on the opponent's life points. But in Shadow fight 3 this is a bit different because here it makes a difference whether you hit the opponent on the leg or head. Therefore, another tip; always make sure to hit the right zones where you can do the most damage, such as the head.

Tip 2: Choose the right combos

It is not uncommon in the later game of Shadow fight 3 that the opposing opponent is a lot stronger than you yourself. This is why you should consider beforehand in the Dojo exactly which Dragon Mania Legends Cheats attacks one wants to use, in order to finally be able to defeat the opponent. Instead of going offensive, you can defeat one or the other opponent without problems by simply countering. When choosing the right attacks for the combos, we recommend simple strokes like a few hits or kicks on the opponent. If you combine them with more powerful attacks then your opponent does not get to the train with a real hit and you can do damage properly. We will soon present the combos and striking sequences with which we have had the most success. Good combos also bring the other coins in Shadow fight 3, which you can then put back into the equipment and weapons for your shadow fighter. In the game, there are also so-called Gems or gemstones, with which one can advance faster. These canbe boughtt/boughtt almost only through an in-app purchase.

Tip 3: Attack from below

Many know the tip of other Beat'Em-Up games and this works well in the new Shadow fight 3 very well. And the strokes from the bottom or on the legs of the opponent are again very strong. So it is often enough to hit the legs with the sword and simply repeat this combo, in order to finally defeat the opponent. Especially at the beginning one can with this tactics relatively fast.

Shadow fight 3 Cheats - what is it?

A search on the Internet and you will find numerous Shadow fight 3 cheats or hacks, which within a few minutes the best weapons and combos promise. We can only adviseont such dubious programs in the form of alleged cheats or Shadow fight 3 hacks. According to our knowledge, there are no official cheats from the developer or other codes, which can be used immediately to release all weapons. If you play a lot and hand out good combos, you get coins and you can equip your fighter with new equipment and improve. So let the fingers of an alleged Shadow fight 3 cheats and invest the time directly into the app, in order to move forward,

Beat'Em-Up app now download free

We had and still have great fun with Shadow fight 3 we can recommend you the free app only. The numerous combos and challenges offer great fun and entertainment for a great many game hours. Through the numerous weapons and armo, you can also spend a lot of time experimenting with different equipment, which was a lot of fun. The only downside we know is that there is no multiplayer mode in Shadow fight 3, in which you could compete against players as all the world in battle. Perhaps a multiplayer mode is still.