Best Mattress For Babies Crib

The crib mattresses have to cover all the needs of a baby's rest. A good choice of the crib and mattress will be the one that considers in perspective the growth of the baby, and the acquisition of the right articles from the beginning, not thinking only of the first months of life of the newborn.

Quality cheap crib mattresses

Until two years of age, babies sleep for 50% of the day. Therefore, it is essential to choose the most appropriate basis to minimize the risk of malformations during the development of the spine. A buy best crib mattress for babies with good elasticity discharges the pressure and provides the adequate firmness for rest.

Guide to buying crib mattresses

Among them we find all kinds of materials (latex, viscoelastic, foam, springs). We must observe which material we choose, because the core is the most important part and determines its firmness and durability. The springs tend to be excessively stiff and firm without being attached to the body of the baby.

Crib mattresses for all rest needs

It is important that the mattress is coupled to the bed frame of the crib mattresses for kids, leaving no extra space where the baby can fit any part of the body. The maximum slack will be half the width of an adult's finger, and enough to adjust the sheet.

If we normally add a protective cover to the mattresses, in the case of a crib it is essential, as it is likely to be filled with sweat stains, vomiting and other fluids. In this way, the cover can be removed for washing and the bed is kept clean. As this part would be the upper area, it is recommended that the tissues of the cover are also hypoallergenic and breathable in case they are in contact with the skin of the baby.

Polyurethane foam mattresses

Foam mattresses provide the best value for money . Foaming is a hygienic compound with insulating properties of heat and cold, and is comfortable and adaptable to the body of the sleeper.

The polyurethane foam mattress model is composed of a 11 cm polyurethane Buy Now Crib Mattress core with a density of 20 kg / m3. This same range is sold with a special waterproof cover .

Viscoelastic mattresses 

The range of viscoelastic mattresses for babies are made with material developed by NASA during the space race to relieve the tension suffered by the astronauts during the launches. Before the 21st century, the viscoelastic material was already used for special uses thanks to its shape memory . What began as a complement to some hospital beds ended up being extended to the general public.

The viscoelastic models for baby consist of a core of  9 cms of HR foam of high resilience. The density is 28 kg / m3. The topper of 2 cms. of viscoelastic with density of 65 kg / m3 offers sensitivity to pressure and temperature. The models are also offered with a built-in waterproof case .

Important features when buying a mattress for baby

How to choose your crib mattress? We must take care of the quality of the environment of the baby's rest, for that reason, it is important to choose breathable materials that regulate the temperature of the child and do not overheat him. In addition to the adequate transpiration system, mattresses for babies need antiallergenic properties to repel mites and bacteria, avoid skin irritations of the baby, and even pediatric asthma.

What are the characteristics of the crib mattress for babies?

  • The variety of mattresses for baby include materials padded with soft fibers, viscoelastic and anti-choke systems.
  • The recommended measures for the crib are standard 55 x 115 cm, and 60 x 120 cm, up to convertible 70 x 140 cm and 80 x 130 cm. When buying, it is advisable to choose a mattress that adapts to the dimensions without leaving gaps where the child can insert the head or limbs.
  • The baby will sleep in the crib as long as his size allows. They usually pass to a child's bed after 24 months of life, when they reach an adequate size for the change.

Frequent questions

Where to buy cheap crib mattresses?

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What is the variety of baby crib mattresses?

Those made of polyurethane foam are economical, however they increase body heat and lack adequate ventilation. The latex ones offer good firmness, but if they are not natural latex they can give off heat in contact with the body. Finally, the viscoelastic has a higher price to the rest, but it decreases the pressure and the weight in its surface and offers at the same time an adequate support.