Flappy Bird APK for Android Download

Even if the Flappy Bird was launched in May last year, the game has become top of the list to reach millions of downloads every day. But right now, its own developer considered that the game went too far, reaching so many reviews and filling his bank-accounts so rapidly, that he thought it was high time he reached the end of it, without getting heart. So, Flappy Birds was recently pulled-off from the Apple and Android App Stores, due to its high dependency or nerve-racking.


With all that, if you still want to play this frustrating game – for some of you of course, which also includes me – and cannot find it on your Apple or Google Play Store, there is a way out there that lets you install the game manually and allow you to play it continuously until you drop…into your own bed, sure.

In this article, we will learn all about Flappy Bird, how to download the Flappy Bird APK on your computer and then transfer it to your smartphone to make use of its “fun” and “excitement” features. You will also learn how to get a high-score with the game and eventually tell us what you feel about it – as a homework, of course.

But before we start the serious part, we will give you an inside of the game that has made “millions of victims” worldwide. Don’t get me wrong, the game is catchy, it will catch you and won`t let you go. So, why don’t add some spicy on the meat to feed your dying heart.