Which Fire Extinguisher Should really You Be Applying?

Anytime there is a fire, men and women often reach for the nearest fire extinguishers, nonetheless, there are occasions once they could be generating the circumstance worse.

That is mainly because there are particular fire extinguishers for particular fires and should you were to work with the wrong extinguisher, you could be fuelling the fire, as an alternative to extinguishing it.

In some circumstances, you should not use a fire extinguisher at all. In actual fact, you'll want to be employing a fire blanket around the fire. You could be reading this and also you may be considering that a fire would actually make it worse. In the event you do believe that then you definitely have come to the suitable place.

Study on to discover much more fire extinguishers and after they really should be employed.


Fire extinguishers come in diverse colours. There was a time when the entire extinguisher was made in the diverse colours. On the other hand, now, each of the extinguishers are red, but they have unique coloured stickers on them. Effectively, the new ones are anyway.

The distinctive colours are:

Yellow (two)
Blue (two)
The diverse colours stand for the various contents in the extinguisher. In case you have an extinguisher which has a red sticker on, then the extinguisher consists of water. Having a yellow sticker, it would contain foam or a wet chemical, a black one particular consists of CO2 and lastly, a blue sticker includes dry powder, or M28/L2.


A red fire extinguisher that consists of water can only be applied to extinguish wood, paper or textiles fires. Water cannot be used on any other type of fire since it will make the fire worse.

Foam/Wet Chemical

When you've got a fire extinguisher using a yellow label on it, then you may have to check the content material label just before employing it on a fire. That is due to the fact the yellow label can stand for two diverse items.

A single extinguisher will contain foam and can extinguish the identical because the water one particular, using the addition of flammable liquids, petrols and spirit fires. When the canister also has an ABF foam label on it, then it may be employed on fires from cooking oil and fat.

Nevertheless, the other yellow label will stand for wet chemical and can extinguish the identical as water, with the addition of cooking oil and fats. If this 1 is utilized on flammable liquids, then the fire are going to be even worse. So, make certain that you verify with yellow canister that you just have prior to you attempt and place the fire out.

Dry Powder/M28/L2

When you've got a canister with a blue label then you will also must check the label for what the canister actually has in it. If it says dry powder then you can use it on wood, paper, textiles, flammable liquids, petrol, spirits, flammable gases, and electrical gear.

Even so, dry powder will damage electrical gear, so even when you may have place the fire out, the equipment may not operate. Thus, when you have a CO2 extinguisher, you must use that as an alternative.