Make $15 Per Referral Over & Over!

Welcome To My $15 Per Referral Program!


Make $15 Per Referral Over & Over!  

You can make  $150 - $200  daily by following my directions! When you click on my link below, you will come to a page whereto you have to choose how you want to receive your $15, click Paypal or Custom Paypal.  (Custom Paypal) is when you want to wait until you receive multiple $15 payments then you can CASH out anytime but you can get paid DAILY if you just choose PAYPAL .  The next thing is to scroll to the bottom and put in your email address then click (NEXT STEP) and sign up for an account. 

To get your requirement to start promoting your affiliate link & start making $15 per referral, go to the (OFFER) section to the top of the page & try just 1 trial offer. There are quite a few (FREE )  and $1 trial offers you can try!  All of the  (Credit Report)  offers are $1 or FREE to try and they credit fast!  (FREE CREDIT SCORE),    (MY CREDIT REPORT),    (MY SCORE.COM)

The advertisers want to see that you are at least interested in the offer, so TRY and keep the trial offer for at least 80% of the trial time, then CANCEL it if you are not interested in the offer so you want get charged!  


NOTE:  You can complete any 1 offer on the page for your requirement if you dont want to do any of the credit report offers & still get PAID!

When you complete the offer with a valid Debit or Credit Card (NO, pre-paids, gift cards or reloadable cards accepted)  because both companies need to verify your identity) and receive your confirmation emails. Wait a few moments and check your Progress in your back office to make sure that you have completed your trial offer correctly by seeing the word   ((Congratulation)) .  


When you receive your affiliate link which will be in youe members area, promote it and you will make $15 over & over every time someone join under your link that tries just 1 trial!    Thats It!!!   


Advertisers and Fortune 500 companies are paying customers $15 per referral to just try their products out!   People are making 100's weekly doing this! Receive all those $15 over & over!    This is too easy folks!  

So, to sum it up,  you are doing THE 4 things below to receive $15 per referral over & over!


(1)  Choose how you want to get PAID!  (Click Paypal or Custom Paypal, )

(2)  Sign up for an account!

(3)  Complete just 1 trial offer & keep it at least 80% of the trial time, then CANCEL if you are not interested in the offer so you want get charged, 


(4)  Promote your link and get others to do the same thing you did & get PAID $15 per referral over & over!  


For U.S.A. Members Only!       ((( Remember, You Can CASHOUT DAILY with this program))))!!!!!



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