Professional Dry Cleaning Services

Your wedding gown is certainly one of the few tangible things that will create lasting memories of your wedding. Since the wedding gown is delicate and costly, it requires special dry cleaning to ensure that it lasts for a lifetime. Fresh& Clean Dry Cleaners offers quality bridal gown dry cleaning service to preserve the beauty and strength of your treasured wedding gown.Checkout dry clean service for more info.

Once you drop off your wedding gown, we inspect it closely to understand its laundry requirements. We also test a small part of your wedding gown to determine whether its composition and material matches the specifications in the label. You don’t have to worry about beadwork, flowers, hoops, or other details on your gown. Our technicians will fully take care of all the nitty-gritty’s as they dry clean wedding dress.

Before we start cleaning, we shall do pre-spotting on the wedding dress to pin point all the dirty areas which need special treatment. This is a delicate act that requires in-depth knowledge of fabrics and spot removal techniques. Our laundry services pays attention to the outlook of your wedding dress. So, our technicians take time to detect spots and treat them accordingly.

After pre-spotting, the wedding gown goes to the next phase of cleaning. This flushes out all spots and solutions that were used in the pre-spotting phase. We clean each wedding dress individually and not in combination with regular garments. Once the wedding dress is cleaned, it is steamed and pressed to smoothen wrinkles. We have the best dry cleaning technicians for this job. 

After carefully cleaning your wedding gown, our dry cleaners Michigan will inspect and reassemble it. They will re-attach all flowers and beads that had to be removed before cleaning and preserve it in a special acid-free tissue shaped in the form of a bust. Finally, the gown is then sealed hermetically and shrink-wrapped with plastic before being dropped off at your place.



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