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You can join these sites and surf for credits – assign your credits to your offers and have them seen by hundreds and hundreds of worldwide visitors a day.  

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Tie your surfing together with a tracking system – tracking your clicks allows you to breakdown the stats. See what’s working and not working in your advertising campaigns.

I recommend this site for all your tracking needs.


Need to make simple banners for your campaigns, blog updates and business pages?

This site allows you to do it for free.


What makes Traffic Exchanges an effective advertising avenue?

Hundreds to thousands of people use individual TEs every day, so you have a potential audience of thousands on any given day. And, did you know new members join Traffic Exchanges every day.

People just like you.

If you want to know what’s new Traffic Exchanges are, usually, one the first avenues people turn to for mass marketing.

So, to get eyes on your pages/sites join some great Traffic Exchanges and create a storm of ‘red hot’ real, Free visitors today.

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