How to permanently delete your Instagram account

How many times did you check your Instagram today? For all the wonders of social media, browsing feeds non-stop can also end up consuming out lives and give us unnecessary anxiety. So are all the drawbacks worth it, or should you simply wash your hands of the whole affair?

If in 2018, you want to focus more on being productive or improving yourself as much as you can, then it might be time to delete your beloved Instagram account and delete instagram account without logging in .

It’s not extremely difficult to delete your Instagram, but you should be aware there are two ways to go about it. First off, you can just temporarily disable your account – you know, to see how it feels or how badly you miss spying on your friends, err I mean discovering new and wonderful photographs.

This option allows you keep all your pictures and videos in a state of hibernation. They won’t be deleted and once you decide you can’t live without Instagram and re-activate your account, you’ll find they are still there.

The second option is the drastic approach, as it will permanently delete all your data. And there’s no way of getting them back. Except if you have saved said photos and videos on your smartphone or another device you might own.

Below we’ll show you how you can temporary disable your account or permanently delete it.