Control PS3 with Android using Playstation 3 Controller App

Control PS3 with Android: Android is the most popular platform in Smartphone Industry. Most of the smartphone users are using Android as its operating system. This is because there is no limit to the customization in Android. In this article, I present you a very easy tutorial on how to control PS3 with Android. 
Controlling a PS3 using Android is really fun. People used the PlayStation 3 controller just for playing games. But the most enjoyable moment is to use a ps3 with Android and control the various signals with the help of joystick. For me, the hardest thing on the planet was to interface Playstation 3 with Android. It took me one month to do a research on this topic. And after all the efforts I was able to control ps3 with Phone.
The best feeling that you get is the feeling of pleasure when you perceive the output after all the struggle. So I thought of sharing my knowledge and method to control PS3 with Android Device without root.
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playstation-3-controller-appYou might have used PlayStation 3 controller only for playing games on PS3 Consoles. Is it not fun to play games on Android with PS3 Controller? This gives us the same pleasure as that of playing games on PS3 Consoles.
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PS3 emulator is also available on Android. You can use PS3 Emulator on Android and play games with PS3 Controller.

Many subscribers asked me for Android PS3 Remote Play and hence I made this tutorial on how to control ps3 with phone.