Dangerous Dog Worms

The best treatments for dog worms according to Ehomeremedies

As a dog owner, your priority should be to ensure that your pet is safe and happy. To keep the health up, he or she has to eat and drink to provide the body with enough nutrients. But even the best owners cannot protect themselves from stuff like worms. These vermin thrive once they are inside your friend's body and can cause some serious problems. In some cases, the infestation might end up lethal, and you will have to say goodbye to your pet. However, there are some ways to deal with the problem. A relatively new website ehomeremedies.com provides quite a huge list of home remedies and ways to tackle the problem. Moreover, they have a big article with relevant information on the subject, so if you are interested in the problem, make sure to read what they have.

You should get rid of worms not only because your dog is in danger. In some cases, worms could harm people, especially smaller children. If you want to treat your dog with natural stuff, here are some of the best treatments that work:

•    Garlic. The plant is excellent food for the digestive system and it can deal with worms in ways many drugs can't. The process of applying garlic is pretty straightforward. All you need is two or three cloves of raw garlic. You are going to peel and chop garlic as finely as you can. Then, leave it in a room temperature for up to fifteen minutes. This way, allicin is released making the treatment even more effective. Finally, give it to your dog twice a day and do so until there aren't any worms or eggs in the feces. Note, though, that the dosage of garlic depends on the size of a dog. For small dogs it should be one-fourth, for medium half a garlic clove and so forth.

•    Raw pumpkin seeds are another excellent way to deal with the issue. This is a rather standard that was used years ago, yet it remains popular to this day. You are going to need to wash at least half a cup of seeds and grind them. For every ten pounds your dog weighs, add one-fourth of a teaspoon to the food of your pet. Repeat the process twice a day for at least two weeks. Pumpkin seeds are great not only if you want to get rid of the problem that is already there, but they also have some excellent preventive properties.

All in all, there are more natural treatments for worms that you can find on ehomeremedies.com. If these two methods are not what you are looking for, you can find more information on the website and decide on a way that would work for you.

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