A Mini Madoff In The Making

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A Mini Madoff In The Making
Collie Christensen started his illustrious career as a criminal boosting cars and breaking into houses in his youth, or at least that's the story from one of his estranged old friends.

He soon became resourceful enough to start his own business, selling phones and then working for ITEX, bartering and trading goods. He eventually reached the position of CEO at ITEX and was subsequently asked to leave by the Board of Directors, after allegations of fraud were brought by the board members against Terry Neal, his predecessor at the company, who was later convicted of defrauding the government of $143,718 and ordered to pay $2.3 million in ill-gotten gains. Although Collie was never formally charged, you can find information regarding his Fraud case online via Quatloos (link included).

Collie then began 'flipping houses' and used the momentum and money he had made to convince a group of people to invest in a Modesto project, building track-homes, which ultimately went bankrupt. He maintained that the housing market crash was to blame and that it was out of his hands.

He didn't let this get in his way as he forged forward with another development in the Gulf Coast, in Wiggins, MS. With some smooth talking and the appearance of a tremendous amount of wealth (which did not exist) he began pulling in more money than ever.

He formed Equus 11, a 'private real estate development company' in 2007 and although never being registered with the SEC or any governing body he began collecting huge amounts of money in small amounts from Doctor's and other inexperienced investors, who required little to no due diligence and trusted him based on his word. This project also soon went bankrupt, costing many investors their family's life savings.

Collie's newest endeavors are not known...  

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