Britax car seat review

Britax is one of the leading brands that offers child safety technology for about 70 years. Britax has its origin in Europe and has become one of the trusted brands of families in United States of America. Britax manufactures a wide range of car seats that are enhanced with a lot of safety features. Britax offers car seats that are convertible which means the parents can keep their children safe during road travel for a longer period. A child has to use the seat for at least two years, so parents can choose the best model among the Britax car seat range depending on the weight of the children.

Features of Britax car seats

Britax car seats are filled with enhanced features that can keep your child safe and comfortable throughout the journey. The below are its top notch features:

All in one: This model enables transiting from rear facing to front facing for infants to toddlers and to booster mode for younger children. Check britax frontier car seat is better than pioneer?  Review to know the best car seat model.

Five-point harness: This feature secures the child’s body at shoulders, hips and the legs. The aim is to prevent your child from falling.

Easy straps: The straps are wide and do not twist. This helps keeping your child in place and safe. The chest straps keep your child intact in the seat.

Inbuilt lock clips: The lock clips keep the car seat from turning or moving around so that the child does not feel the jerks while riding. Britax car seat models have inbuilt lock clips which enables easy installation of the car seats.

LATCH system: As per federal law the cars should mandatorily have this feature. When the cars do not have, the car seat manufacturers like Britax provide it as LATCH system kits. LATCH system eliminates the need of using the seat belt to anchor a car seat.

Impact protection: The car seats are padded with EPS foam which offers impact protection on side collisions. The head rest is given extra cushion.

Wings: Britax car seats are designed with wings around the headrest so that child’s head is prevented from hitting during collisions. The wings keep the child’s head straight and also provide enough padding at the event of a crash.

Recline: This feature is recommended only for rear facing mode not the front facing mode. Britax car seat models include this feature which provides good comfort for the child while sleeping.

The above comprehensive features make the Britax car seat models the more sought models.