Reforms of the Umar-Ibn-Khitaab

Muslims are the idealist Rulers. they were best at their time. There are so many reforms that implemented from the day when Umar-Ibn-Khitaab was the ruler. Umar was the man who rules for eight years. He was the man who was chosen for Islam. The Great Prophet Muhammad-e-Mustafa(PBUIH) ask supplication and said to Allah that please give me umar or Abdul hakeem, Then Umar the accepted the Islam. He died in Madinah and he was buried with the Great Prophet Muhammad-e-Mustafa(PBUH). Muslims go in this area for the hajj and Umrah with the packages like Luxury Non-Shifting Family Hajj Package. His reforms are well known and very famous for the world still now they are using this reforms. When he was the ruler he conquered many places, like Iraq, Egypt, Syria. He was the man who opined the governors for these areas. He was the first man who makes the strong Muslim army in his time. He was the man who extended and renovated and decorated the mosque of the Kaaba which is the home of the Allah and also the mosque of the Prophet Muhammad-e-Mustafa(PBUH). he was the main who make the policy how to take care of the poor’s and he was the man who develops a thing which is called the financial institute which is famous till now. He was the man who made rules for the non-Muslims and allows them to worship as they want and he pointed the rules of non-Muslims in the Islamic land. He was the one who just selects the limit for the non-Muslims they can stay the holy land only for the three days. He made laws and codify it with all the sources. He started the calendar which is started from the Islamic year. He was the one who made it. He gave the lesson to the Muslims rulers how you can live with the great laws and great things which can be implemented and your society will grow up.